Plan your driver's day with HERE and EROAD

Working smarter and safer has never been more important.

Lockdown gave us an opportunity to look at new ways of running our businesses and charitable organizations. For many that meant more deliveries. But getting these deliveries under control is a challenge when it is new to your operations. HERE and EROAD can help.

Here’s two solutions that can help you save time and reduce fuel - and that’s a great support if you’re a small business or charitable organization relying on volunteer or casual staff for deliveries or pick-ups.

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HERE WeGo Deliver

HERE WeGo Deliver takes delivery or pick-up locations, plans out the most efficient route providing a delivery schedule that is easily used by any driver.

With no sign up or subscription fees, drivers receive their personalised delivery tour plan by clicking on a link issued by the delivery manager via email. They can also be directed on their journey by voice-enabled navigation through the HERE WeGo mobile app. Uploading delivery or pick-up locations, including any special instructions, can be easily done and several drivers can be managed simultaneously.

HERE WeGo Deliver is free during 2020.

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EROAD Ehubo1

We’ve made EROAD technology, enjoyed by commercial operators, easier for smaller businesses to access.

EROAD’s Ehubo 1 is an NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorder. It measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy and captures location, route and operational data from the vehicle, which can then be viewed from any web-enabled device.

Our map view allows up to keep track of your drivers while they are on the go. The data also allows you to effortlessly generate contact tracing reports showing where your staff have driven, and the total distance travelled.

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If you’re spending money replacing items that should be returned to you, then EROAD Where is a cost-effective solution that helps you keep track of your assets. 

These small tags can be attached to delivery crates, hireage items, and most things that you might want returned for re-use.

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