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EROAD offers you a choice of hardware devices to suit the needs of your fleet.

Our NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorders, tracking devices and mobile app provide a range of enhanced electronic RUC (road user charges), safety features and accurate fleet tracking.

Use EROAD’s secure, advanced technology platform to manage your ERUC, safety and fleet management, lowering overall costs and improving your return on investment.

Each of our hardware products interface with EROAD web application, MyEROAD, where users can access information and services online.

Manage all your vehicles and assets – light, heavy and equipment – in one web browser, to improve operational transparency and enhance control.

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Multiple driver-centric applications on a single device.

Our NZ Transport Agency-approved Ehubo2 improves safety compliance with a touchscreen colour display that delivers real-time in-cab driver feedback, messaging, and driver ID, in addition to electronic RUC and fuel management.


EROAD Clarity Dashcams

Get the Clarity you’ve been missing

EROAD Clarity Dashcam adds video footage into the coaching moments, and provides proof of what happened when something unfortunately does go wrong. Capture more than just video.

Choose from two available models, EROAD Clarity Connected and EROAD Clarity Solo. Benefit from full coverage of your fleet, with a fit for purpose solution. All dashcam models seamless integrate into MyEROAD web platform; showcasing all the driver statistics, vehicle maintenance video footage and more.

ETrack G70

A robust GPS tracker that connects to your vehicles, trailers or heavy equipment for accurate real time vehicle tracking as well as odometer readings and run hour monitoring.


EROAD ETrack Where

Affordable Asset Tracking

Assets that frequently move around job sites run the risk of being left behind, this makes them difficult to manage. EROAD ETrack Where Asset Management provides a solution that improves asset utilisation, reduces risk of lost productivity and the cost that goes with not knowing where your assets are.

The Iridium Edge™ modem

The Iridium Edge™ modem is a ready-to-go, reliable satellite communications device that extends connectivity beyond phone network coverage. EROAD Satellite Communications is a live GPS vehicle tracking solution that uses the Iridium® satellite network to ensure your vehicles are within communication range, even when your fleet leaves cellular network coverage.


EROAD CoreHub Trailer

Your electronic distance recorder for trailers over 3.5 tonnes

Our NZTA-approved EROAD CoreHub Trailer provides highly accurate tracking and RUC compliance for heavy trailers. With built-in EBS and Bluetooth connectivity, it opens the door for exciting new insights to help improve the safety, efficiency and quality of your trailer fleet.