Getting started with vehicle tracking and fleet management

Getting started with vehicle tracking and fleet management

Track your company vehicles and improve fleet efficiency with EROAD’s vehicle tracking solutions – from just $19 per month.

Good fleet management starts with great fleet data. Vehicle trackers can provide data and insights to help optimise your fleet operations.

EROAD’s fleet management software can be used to manage or optimise fleet performance, safety, productivity, compliance and cost management.

Fleet reporting | Identify where your fleet could be more efficient.

Task automation | Reduce paperwork and streamline admin processes.

Driver coaching tools | Better driving improves safety and efficiency.

Fleet maintenance | Streamline service & maintenance scheduling and vehicle inspections.

Choose the best vehicle tracking system for your business vehicles

EROAD provides several 4G-enabled GPS tracking options for business vehicles, machinery, and equipment. Whatever device you choose to install, you’ll get access to EROAD’s online fleet management portal and mobile app – MyEROAD.

EROAD Clarity Locate

The 4G-enabled EROAD Clarity Locate is an affordable, powerful and compact solution for tracking almost any vehicle.


EROAD Clarity Solo

EROAD’s all-in-one GPS tracker, telematics and dashcam. Ideal for fleets who want to track more than just location and distance.

EROAD Clarity Get

All-in-one 4G GPS tracker and dashcam with pay-as-you-go video downloads for a lower monthly subscription.



A full fleet management system with driver-facing screen. Enabling real-time driver coaching and feedback with alerts and messaging options.

EROAD ETrack Oyster 3

A rugged battery-powered GPS tracking device, typically used to monitor non-powered assets, providing GPS location and anti-theft alerts.


EROAD ETrack G70

A robust GPS tracker that connects to vehicles, trailers or equipment for real time tracking, odometer readings and run hour monitoring.

Track your vehicles from anywhere

EROAD’s web portal, MyEROAD has been designed with the user in mind.

  • Total visibility in real time with activities and stops
  • See where every vehicle is and drill down for detail on status, speed, and activities
  • Replay routes taken and see safety events during the trip
  • Set up geofences and track when vehicles enter and exit and the duration of stay in the area
  • Monitor operations to ensure productivity
  • Provide accurate ETAs
  • And much, much more

Setting up your EROAD plan

So how much does vehicle tracking cost? This will depend on the vehicle tracking device, the size of your fleet and any additional products you choose to add on to your plan, such as pool booking , driver logbook or vehicle inspection tools.

EROAD Clarity Locate plans start at just $18 per month (when you purchase hardware upfront).

For more information on what’s included, check out our pricing page.

How vehicle tracking software works

GPS company vehicle tracking works by capturing data from a device in the vehicle and sending it to an app or portal.

  1. Vehicle connection – EROAD’s vehicle and asset tracking devices are installed in your vehicles or on equipment. The devices can capture data such as location, distance travelled, speed, idling, handling and fuel use.
  2. GPS monitoring – GPS vehicle tracking technology monitors the location of connected fleet vehicles and assets with a high degree of accuracy.
  3. Network communications – Data from your vehicles is stored, encrypted, then transmitted by mobile networks to EROAD’s central database.
  4. Office management and analysis – EROAD’s fleet management portal provides a range of reports to help manage compliance, safety, fleet maintenance and much more.