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The Road to Sustainability 2023 edition
See how your business stacks up against your peers in our third annual Road to Sustainability report.


What’s the alternative?
When it comes to reducing emissions, there is no room for a one size fits all mentality within the transport sector.


10 tips to get started with asset tracking
Asset trackers help you monitor valuable equipment and increase productivity. Read our 10 tips to get the best result from asset tracking.


How GPS vehicle tracking can improve your business
Want to increase the visibility and efficiency of your fleet? Download our FREE report to learn how GPS tracking can unlock your fleet’s potential.


Boost Fleet Safety and Efficiency with Video and Telematics
Learn how GPS tracking, driver behaviour data and in-cab video recorders can boost safety, efficiency and effectiveness across your fleet.


Greening Your Fleet: Undertaking the Journey to EVs
Considering the electrification of your organisation’s light vehicles? From cost metrics to onboarding, here’s what you need to know first.


Unlock a new perspective with the dashcams
Want to coach your drivers better and easily determine what happened in case of an incident? Download our FREE report to learn more about cameras and adding them into your fleet vehicles.


The Road to Sustainability – 2022 edition
Get the latest insights into what fleets are doing and the benefits they’re seeing – as well as the challenges that remain.


How to save time and money on your RUC compliance
Your RUC compliance is an important part of running your business. But it can also be a complex, time consuming and costly exercise. Automate your RUC and spend less time on admin and more time running your business.


Driving Fleet Success – Why Telematics is the future of fleet management
Your vehicles produce a huge amount of valuable data every day. Telematics captures that data and combines it, by merging telecommunications and infomatics together, to provide a tailored overview about an individual vehicle or an entire fleet.


How Telematics can help maintain a healthy fleet

Telematics can automate your service and maintenance schedules and capture defects in real-time to ensure your vehicles are safe and productive for a higher performing fleet.


How telematics can cut operating costs and maximise your fleet’s productivity
Telematics can boost your fleet’s productivity, reduce operational costs, monitor safety, increase service levels and overall efficiency. Here’s how!


Telematics can unlock major benefits for your fleet
The use of telematics technology is increasing at an accelerating rate. It’s estimated there are now over 100 million telematics units in operation around the world.


10 reasons you won’t regret asset tracking
From location tracking to audits, this guide explains 10 reasons why you’ll never regret implementing an asset tracking system.

Red Papers


Managing risk across your vehicle fleet
Effective occupational road risk management is key to protecting your drivers and other road users, lowering fleet costs and providing proof that management has satisfied their legal due diligence.


Take a fresh look at your fleet’s fuel usage to deliver big savings and sustainability
This paper shares how a focus on safety, idling and active management can deliver these efficiencies, reduce fuel waste and improve your bottom line.


Are high vehicle maintenance costs a sign you’re legally exposed?
Preventative maintenance not only reduces repair costs across your vehicle fleet; it helps keep running costs down by ensuring your vehicles run more efficiently and plays a vital role in health and safety compliance.


The Power of Accountability
At EROAD we wanted to find out how technology could help make your drivers safer, and reduce on-road risk. We recently undertook a study and found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.


Key Considerations in Creating and Implementing Your Health and Safety Management System
EROAD Health and Safety Stakeholder Manager Chris Evans looks at how to choose a system that will provide the best safety outcome for your organisation.


How Driver Behaviour Analytics Encourage Safe Driving
Keep your drivers and the public safe, manage and maintain your Operator Rating System (ORS) rating, and protect your reputation by ensuring a high standard of driving in company vehicles.



Your fleet technology partner
The complete fleet telematics management solution for the transport industry


EROAD Ehubo2
EROAD’s next-generation in-vehicle hardware offers multiple easy-to-use applications on a single device, delivering better safety outcomes for your business and improving productivity and profitability.


EROAD health and safety product guide
Find out how our technology makes compliance with health and safety regulations easier.