Improve Asset Management

Asset Tracking

Keep track of all your assets to make sure they’re as productive as possible.

There’s a lot of money tied up in the assets your business has invested in. As well as protecting that investment from loss, damage and theft, you also want to maximise your return on investment by making sure those assets are being fully utilised.



EROAD’s ETrack Asset Tracking provides the full suite of benefits for your business.

From heavy or light vehicles to powered or non-powered assets, EROAD’s got you covered.

From the in-cab Ehubo2 providing industry leading telematics, driver behaviour, and health and safety capability, through to wired and battery powered asset tracking devices, we can ensure you have visibility over your assets and the information you need to make sure they are being fully utilised and delivering on your contract commitments.

EROAD’s asset tracking system using IoT also gives you detailed proof of service reporting, helping your organisation to offer a high standard of customer service



EROAD’s asset tracker hardware options

Our range of asset tracking hardware provides options to suit your business needs. From real time asset tracking solutions providing frequent location data and usage monitoring, to lower frequency updates when you just need to check on your assets from time to time


ETrack G70

A robust GPS tracker that connects to your vehicles, trailers or heavy equipment for accurate near real-time tracking as well as odometer readings and run hour monitoring.



ETrack Where Tags

An affordable, wireless asset tracking system that uses Bluetooth and EROAD’s unique mesh network to determine the location of your assets.

ETrack Oyster 3

A rugged GPS tracking device, the Oyster3 has been designed for monitoring non-powered assets where long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.


Our solution is designed with the customer in mind. It’s easy to learn and intuitive to use, so you can spend more time on your business, not on navigating technology.

Benefits of EROAD’s Asset Tracking

Full fleet tracking with 100% visibility.
EROAD’s web application, MyEROAD, provides a comprehensive view of your assets, vehicles and auxiliary equipment, all in one place, at one time.

The new gold standard in EROAD Proof of Service reporting.
Accelerometers, geofencing, and multiple input ports allow you to connect seamlessly to EROAD’s Proof of Service solution, giving you detailed accurate reporting on your asset’s service history (available with ETrack G70 only).

Find your assets with the latest technology.
EROAD Asset Tracking means less time spent chasing misplaced assets.

Easy to install.
All our Asset Trackers are incredibly fast and easy for your technicians to install.

Rugged and robust design.
Watertight, rugged design means these devices can withstand the elements on exposed work sites.

Choosing the right asset tracking solution for your business needs


ETrack G70

EROAD Where &  Where Mini tags

ETrack Oyster 3

Wired asset tracker (powered assets only)
Battery powered asset tracker
Cellular/GPS capability built in  –
Relies on EROAD Mesh network
Real-time asset location tracking
Geofence and in-motion alerts
See assets and fleet vehicles in one map view
Easy to install
Speed monitoring
Hours of usage reporting ✓*
Odometer or distance reporting
Preventative maintenance alerts
Geofence reporting to show time spent within a site
Capture data for billing on asset usage ✓*
Proof of service ✓*
Waterproof and dustproof
Can withstand immersion in water (up to 30 min in 1 metre)

*Run hours/hours of usage are calculated on MyEROAD and require the Oyster 3 to have moved at least 250m from original position.

Get the full picture with MyEROAD

Successful businesses use data to drive better decision making, save costs and improve productivity.
Data from EROAD’s asset tracking solutions can be viewed together with your connected vehicle data in our powerful cloud-based platform, MyEROAD.
Bringing all your data together in one place can help you to build a picture of your fleet and asset utilisation, helping you to optimise your operations and strengthen your bottom line.