Fleet Management – EROAD Trip Investigator

EROAD Trip Investigator

EROAD Trip Investigator shows you exactly where your vehicles have travelled the previous day or week, delivering immediate productivity benefits and helping you meet agreed customer service levels.

Increase vehicle trip productivity

Each trip taken by one of you vehicle needs to be productive in this competitive industry – wasted wages and unnecessary fuel usage can significantly impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction. EROAD Trip Investigator makes it easy to improve fleet productivity and provide proof to your customers that you are meeting travel time service level agreements (SLAs).

Our map view displays all of your vehicle trips and shows you whether drivers are following designated routes. It makes it easy to compare trips, allowing you to fine tune your schedules and routes, and view jobs completed with visibility of BOL (bills of lading) entered per trip. The data view provides details of all vehicle time and location stops so you can check for unexpected trip activity.


Key Benefits


Enhance customer service

Provide proof that vehicles are meeting service level agreements for journey times

Improve job management

Provides a record of vehicle trips to support monitoring adherence of actual trip times to the schedule route
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Optimise routes

Provides data on trips times and distance to support route optimisation

Minimise risk

Monitor unauthorised after-hours trips by trucks and pick-ups, or trips that have taken too long or travelled too far

Key Features

Map visualisation shows where vehicles have been travelling over a day, week or month, highlighting most and least travelled routes.
Drill down to view all trips for a fleet or vehicle to quickly identify where vehicles are traveling and improve overall organisational productivity.
Easy-to-use filters allow you to monitor trips taking place out of working hours, covering excessive distance or taking too long.
CSV and PDF export of trips, which you can schedule to be delivered via email to enable easy trip monitoring or data manipulation in your own custom reports.