Fleet Management – EROAD Messaging

EROAD Messaging

EROAD Messaging makes communication with your fleet easy, with a secure, real-time connection between you and your drivers.


Stay in touch

Staying connected with your fleet in the field allows you to assign jobs, reorganise routes and quickly react to current traffic flow incidents and short-term changes.

EROAD’s innovative Messaging allows you to exchange messages with drivers in the field in a cost-effective way – on the Ehubo2 screen, or using an Android mobile device.


Key Benefits


Enhance visibility

Secure, two-way messaging with your drivers enhances visibility and improves safety across your fleet

Simplify dispatch

Real-time messaging improves job management and simplifies dispatch, making it easier for you to meet agreed customer service levels
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Keep drivers informed

Easy-to-use, intuitive system on Ehubo2’s touchscreen or Android mobile device keeps drivers informed of where their next job is, and makes staying in touch easy

Key Features

Broadcast a message to your entire fleet or specific vehicles
Know when the message has been received and read
Encrypted transmission of messages between MyEROAD and drivers
Visual and easy to use for drivers and fleet managers

“The less time a driver has to spend on the phone, the safer his driving and the more he can get done. EROAD Messaging has been great for letting a driver know where and when his next job is and keeping a full record of all instructions and acknowledgements.”

Bill O’Loughlin,
General Manager, Roadex