Fleet Management – EROAD Geofence Site Activity

EROAD Geofence Site Activity

EROAD Geofence Site Activity reporting gives you complete visibility of what your vehicles and assets are doing on site – when they arrived, left, how long they spent on site and even how far they drove and when auxiliary equipment was (or wasn’t) used. You can also see which jobs were loaded or dropped on site, which driver was on the vehicle and for how long.


Monitor time on site

EROAD Stop Watch Geofence takes fleet safety and customer service to a new level, by allowing you to monitor time-on-site targets through setting time limits for geofences. This could be your depot, a customer site or any location where you have vehicles and staff. If one of your vehicles enters the area you have geofenced and fails to exit within the time limit you have set, an automated email notification is triggered.

Safeguard your reputation

Unwarranted customer complaints about your vehicles or drivers can hurt your business reputation and bottom line. Being able to accurately track down vehicle activity and speed allows you to better manage responses to your customers and improve service levels.

Key Benefits


Best-in-class customer service

Real-time visibility of what your equipment operators are doing helps you ensure that every job is completed in line with company standards and service levels

Improve productivity

Simply presented data allows you to improve vehicle adherence to work schedules, reduce turnaround times and ensure vehicles and assets are used correctly
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Enhance safety

Know when your driver leaves a site by using Stop Watch Geofence to set time limits for geofences

Manage risk

Accurate vehicle activity for a specific location and date/time helps you manage risk, resolve customer complaints in a timely manner and improve service levels

Key Features

Draw an on-map geofence easily around a site of interest to monitor vehicle activity within that area
Geofence reporting showing turnaround times, arrival and departure times, and which driver was on the job
Retrospective Activity Geofences provide historical search in case of inquiry or complaint
On-site comparison of engine hours versus equipment activation to understand asset productivity
Stop Watch Geofence sets time limits for geofences. If a vehicle enters the area and fails to exit within the set time limit, an automated email notification is triggered