RUC Compliance

Products developed to help you dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spend on RUC Compliance.

Read more about each of our RUC Compliance products below, or click here to read more about our RUC Compliance solution.

ICON_100x100px_EROAD AutoRUC


ICON_100x100px_EROAD Ehubo2

EROAD Ehubo2


EROAD Electronic RUC

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Automated Off-road Claims

EROAD Automated Off-road Claims

Health and Safety

Products designed to help you proactively manage your obligations and risks associated with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Read more about each of our Health & Safety products below, or click here to read more about our Health & Safety solution.

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Max Speed Alert

EROAD Max Speed Alert

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Over Speed Dashboard

EROAD Over Speed Dashboard

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Virtual Speed Camera

EROAD Virtual Speed Camera

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Posted Speed

EROAD Posted Speed

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Clarity Dashcam

EROAD Clarity Dashcam

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Drive Buddy

EROAD Drive Buddy

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Day Logbook

EROAD Day Logbook

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Driver Insight Report

EROAD Driver Insight Report

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Driver Login

EROAD Driver Login

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Driver Safety Report

EROAD Driver Safety Report

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Inspect

EROAD Inspect

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Leaderboard

EROAD Leaderboard

ICON_100x100px_EROAD CaRa


Fleet Management

Products to help you leverage data insights, to confidently and securely operate the most effective fleet possible.

Read more about each of our Fleet Management products below, or click here to read more about our Fleet Management solution.

ICON_100x100px_MyEROAD Fleet Map

MyEROAD Fleet Map

ICON_100x100px_MyEROAD Dashboard

MyEROAD Dashboard

ICON_100x100px_MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Analyst

EROAD Analyst

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Share


ICON_100x100px_EROAD Fuel Management

EROAD Fuel Management

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Geofence Site Activity

EROAD Geofence Site Activity

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Historical Fleet Activity

EROAD Historical Fleet Activity

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Idle Reports

EROAD Idle Reports

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Integration – API

EROAD Integration – API

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Messaging

EROAD Messaging

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Trip Investigator

EROAD Trip Investigator

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Truck, Traffic & Satellite Map Layer

EROAD Truck, Traffic & Satellite Map Layer

ICON_100x100px_EROAD BookIt


ICON_100x100px_EROAD Fleet Utilisation Dashboard

EROAD Fleet Utilisation Dashboard

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Proof of Service

EROAD Proof of Service

ICON_100x100px_EROAD GeoAlerts

EROAD GeoAlerts

ICON_100x100px_EROAD Satellite Communications

EROAD Satellite Communications