Fleet Management – EROAD BookIt

Manage it intuitively, book it effortlessly

A pool booking solution that is easy to use and easy to administer.

Utilising a shared fleet is an essential strategy in reducing your capital expenditure and improving your environmental footprint. But it can create endless hassles for fleet administrators.

EROAD BookIt is an easy-to-use pool booking platform designed to specifically increase fleet utilisation and eliminate administration.


Intuitive and effortless bookings

EROAD BookIt manages fleet admin tasks for you. Intelligent rebooking of vehicles due to late returns and automatic transfer of bookings when vehicles are in service make vehicle management simpler. Single sign-on and self-registration combined with powerful user management tools make user admin a breeze too.

EROAD BookIt gives fleet managers a range of tools allowing for intelligent fleet utilisation and minimal admin. Do you want to encourage more users to book EVs? Simply customise your vehicle view so your EV options are returned first, if suitable for the trip. Prefer to spread utilsation across your fleet? Choose to have your least used vehicles appear first to bookers. Want to increase car-pooling? Give users this option by default when there is a matching journey.

Comprehensive reporting and customisable booking fields make EROAD BookIt a powerful, intuitive booking system which gives you actionable insights into your fleet to manage costs. A simple user interface makes it easy to manage bookings and preferences on the go. Intelligent functions such as automatic rebooking and ‘spare seat’ options allows users peace of mind and a seamless booking experience. Users receive calendar invites, email notifications and can make bookings on behalf of others.

Key Benefits

Manage it intuitively

Manage it intuitively

Intuitively manage late returns and shuffled bookings when a vehicle is under service
Book it effortlessly

Book it effortlessly

Single-sign-on and self-registration combined with powerful user management tools make user administration a breeze
Manage your fleet to achieve your goals

Manage your fleet to achieve your goals

Drive desired booking behaviours amongst your users
Designed with the user in mind

Designed with the user in mind

A simple interface allows users to easily manage their booking preferences
EROAD Solution

EROAD BookIt key features

  • Intelligent booking transfer tool makes taking a car out of service simple. You can specify which vehicle you want to transfer the bookings to or allow the system to intelligently spread existing bookings across your available fleet.
  • Live fleet dashboard allows you to see your entire fleet bookings at a glance. This view gives you insight into fleet utilisation, overdue vehicles and upcoming bookings for your selected time period.
  • Live fleet status gives you real-time detailed insight about your fleet in one screen, including current status, location, booker, driver and more.
  • Automatic rebooking functionality ensures seamless booker experience and no interruptions. When a vehicle is late or unavailable for an existing booking, another suitable vehicle from your fleet will be automatically booked and the booker updated. This removes a fleet administrator’s biggest headaches, managing late returns!
  • Simplified user management is achieved through single sign-on integration and user self-registration. Say goodbye to the administration burden of managing users!
  • Customisable vehicle views allow you to increase vehicle utilization according to your fleet goals. By selecting rules around what vehicles you want to show bookers first, you can guide bookers towards the right vehicles for them and your fleet. For example, you can select all available electric vehicles to be shown first to hit your emission reduction targets. Or you may choose to display the least used vehicles to even up fleet utilisation.
  • Promote ‘seat’ bookings, where bookers are offered spare seats in other vehicles making similar journeys as the first result when making a booking
  • Comprehensive reporting is built in, with full booking data available through the EROAD Data connector
  • Customisable booking fields allow you to better track and report against your fleet usage. Create up to four fields during the booking process to capture information like project code or cost center, with data available through the reporting function.