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Maintain a healthy fleet

Service and maintenance is one of the largest cost centres for a transportation business, and it is difficult to optimize these costs. Preventative maintenance tied to the odometer reading, engine hours, and maintenance scheduling can prevent larger break down costs and lost vehicle productivity. With information coming from vehicles, drivers, workshops, suppliers and OEMs it is a tough job, and very difficult to manage on spreadsheets. There is a lot of money to be spent and saved but it is currently a very inefficient process with a lot of paperwork involved.

Accountability and transparency around your vehicle maintenance is an essential part of operating a successful operation. Vehicle defects can cause delay from breakdowns or be placed out of service from failing a roadside inspection. Maintenance and repairs are also a significant component of your business expenses. Scheduling periodic and systematic vehicle inspections helps to keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills. EROAD’s comprehensive Service and Maintenance Solution improves visibility and planning of your fleet’s service and maintenance needs, to ensure you are operating a compliant fleet.

Upgrades from EROAD Service and Maintenance


In-cab Service Alerts


In-cab Communications


Asset Table/ Supplier Management

Key Benefits



Time is money. Keep your vehicles on the road by reducing the risk of breakdowns, failed roadside inspections, and lost productivity


Stay on top of vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling, avoiding the need for unforeseen repairs
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MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance takes you from wading your way through spreadsheets and into maintenance data at your fingertips


A well-maintained fleet helps you meet health and safety compliance and minimise risk


In-cab driver surveys enables important questions to be asked of your drivers before they start their day


helping you make informed vehicle life cycle decisions

Key Features

Accurately and easily track your fleet wherever you are – on your mobile, tablet, computer, or a wall display in a call centre
See a display of up to 10000 vehicles/assets on the map at once
Provides intelligent clustering, to ensure you can see the level of information that matters to you
Easily view vehicle details, the Ehubo status, current speed, drivers name, and drivers contact details
View the MyEROAD Fleet Map in our web platform, MyEROAD, which displays up-to-date information on the location of your vehicles
See where your vehicles have been, this includes: journey time, distance and the last location
New ETA feature gives the back office estimated arrival times based on route, live traffic and vehicle weight
New Vehicle History feature in MyEROAD Fleet Map, makes it easier than ever to investigate up to the minute information about where your vehicles have been, and what they've been doing
NEW - Speed up getting your truck back on the road faster when you have a break down through efficient communication between driver and back office. Send the driver alerts on contact information and , guidelines for repair
Keep a full archive of your service history
NEW - Provide service suppliers with web access to selected vehicles and fleets
COMING SOON - APIs for suppliers and OEMs to contribute more effectively to the management of your vehicles
COMING SOON - Use Power Take Off hourly usage to understand maintenance schedules for units that are running off the PTOs (like compressors)
COMING SOON - Assign a service plan to a type and make of vehicle, so you have consistency of maintenance across your vehicles and they are quicker to set up using the profile

“The Service module has allowed me to build cases for replacement because it’s all there at the touch of a button.”

Blair Inglis
Compliance/Fleet/OH&S Manager, Foodstuffs North Island