New solution improves efficiency for smaller businesses

New solution improves efficiency for smaller businesses

In this new world we find ourselves in, working smarter and safer has never been more important. And that can be difficult for small businesses or charitable foundations who might rely on volunteer or casual staff for deliveries or pick-ups.

EROAD, known for supplying reliably accurate technology that enables commercial vehicle fleets and transport operators to operate more efficiently, is promoting a new solution being offered by the company’s mapping technology provider, HERE Technologies.


Users simply upload all the destinations and number of drivers to the online planning dashboard, and HERE WeGo Deliver optimizes each route and delivery sequence. Drivers receive their delivery route by email, which automatically opens and populates the delivery route end points in the HERE WeGo mobile app to provide voice-enabled navigation. HERE WeGo is available to download for free on Android and iOS mobile devices. Uploading delivery or pick-up locations, including any special instructions, can be easily done and several drivers can be managed simultaneously.

Reducing fuel usage and saving time can now be optimised through the HERE WeGo Deliver solution together with the app, that is currently free to access. The app takes delivery or pick-up locations, plans out the most efficient route and provides a delivery schedule that can be used by any driver.

“HERE WeGo Deliver has been created specifically by HERE as a way to give back to society and businesses,” says Daniel Antonello, Head of Oceania at HERE. “Across the globe, businesses are being hamstrung by the economic impact of coronavirus and lack of foot traffic into store fronts, all of which means they are struggling to keep casual staff employed. At the same time, high service delivery fees and the limited availability of drivers is choking the system and making it as tough as it gets to meet this new consumer demand.”

“HERE WeGo Deliver gives SMEs the opportunity to meet the challenges of switching to a delivery model,” added Antonello. “This is something we hope will ultimately contribute to more small businesses coming out the other side of this crisis and keeping more staff on their books.”

HERE is an industry-leading location data and technology platform which provides fast, accurate positioning and tracking information. This accuracy and reliability are why transport technology company EROAD uses HERE maps for the fleet management services enjoyed by commercial drivers to drive better businesses.

EROAD has also made their technology, enjoyed by commercial operators, easier for smaller businesses to access. Any small company keen on improving staff safety and effortlessly being able to generate contact-tracing reports, would find EROAD’s Ehubo 1 of great value.  Ehubo1 is an NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorder for commercial vehicles. It measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy and captures location, route and operational data from the vehicle, which can then be viewed from any web-enabled device through EROAD’s Depot portal. Dots on the map show where your drivers are, making it easy for small businesses to keep track of their driver’s progress and it simple to answer customer questions on progress.

To access either HERE WeGo Deliver or EROAD Ehubo1 click here.


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  • EROAD believes every community deserves safer roads that can be sustainably funded. This is why EROAD develops technology solutions (products and services) that manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance, improve driver safety and reduce the costs associated with driving.  EROAD also provides valuable insights and data analytics to universities, government agencies and others who research, trial and evaluate future transport networks. This data enables those who use the roads to influence the design, management and funding of future transport networks.
  • EROAD launched with the purpose of modernizing New Zealand’s paper-based road user charging system. By 2009 EROAD had introduced the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging system and now around 46% of collected heavy vehicle road user charges in New Zealand are being collected using EROAD technology. By Dec 2019, this had delivered NZ$2.95 B to NZTA for the sustainability of the NZ transport network. In the USA, EROAD introduced the first electronic Weight Mile Tax service (2014) and the first independently verified Electronic Logging Device service (2017).
  • EROAD (ERD) is listed on the NZX, and employs almost 300 staff located across NZ, Australia and North America.

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