EROAD Strengthens Leadership Position with Dual NZTA Approvals

EROAD Strengthens Leadership Position with Dual NZTA Approvals

EROAD secures NZTA approval for the use of two state-of-the-art hardware innovations, reinforcing its leadership in the fleet management and electronic road user charging (eRUC) market.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, January 30th, 2024 – EROAD, a pioneer and market leader in electronic Road User Charging (RUC) solutions in New Zealand, announces it has received New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) approval on two of its next generation telematics devices – EROAD CoreHub in-cab and EROAD CoreHub Trailer.


New Zealand’s leading electronic RUC provider

Since its establishment in 2010, EROAD has been at the forefront of electronic RUC systems, processing over $5.5 billion in RUC payments and saving New Zealand businesses valuable time and money on compliance. EROAD handled 41.7% of all RUC licenses in the last 12 months, equating to an impressive 88.6% of electronic RUC licenses issued.

With changes to RUC on the way, including for light electric vehicles from 1 April, EROAD’s expertise in delivering commercial eRUC will help support this transition for New Zealand.

EROAD CEO Mark Heine welcomed the approval, stating, “We’re thrilled to have received approval on our latest innovations. Every day, thousands of New Zealand businesses benefit from our eRUC solution. Whether by reducing administrative tasks, or improving profit margins. However, the needs of fleet managers are evolving, and our technology solutions must keep up. The NZTA-approval of CoreHub is significant, as it assures customers that they can continue to rely on eRUC as they transition to our next generation hardware.”


A new generation of telematics

EROAD’s new generation CoreHub, acquired through the 2021 merger with Coretex, is EROAD’s most advanced hardware. Additional built-in connectivity is capable of pulling data from the vehicle’s ECM and a network of Bluetooth sensors, which could be used to improve fleet safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Mark Heine further explains the transformative impact of CoreHub technology, saying, “Our next-generation device has the potential to deliver deeper insights into fleet operations, whether it’s through surfacing health metrics like engine temperature, or assurance data like trailer door status. We already know from our customers in North America, that the insights delivered through CoreHub can significantly improve business outcomes, and we look forward to bringing those benefits to our New Zealand customers.”

The CoreHub technology, originally designed and developed by Coretex for the North American market, has been refined by EROAD for the Australian and New Zealand market. Now it has received NZTA approval, the EROAD CoreHub Trailer device will be available commercially during February, offering RUC-compliant 4G trailer tracking to heavy fleets. CoreHub in-cab will be available later in 2024.


Key Features of the EROAD CoreHub Trailer:

  • Next-Generation Connectivity: equipped with new-generation connectivity for advanced fleet management solutions.
  • Paperless RUC Compliance: eliminates the need for paper RUC labels, reducing administrative burdens and non-compliance risks.
  • RUC purchasing automation: EROAD enables businesses to automate the renewal of RUC licenses, reducing reliance on manual checks and providing added value.
  • Advanced Trailer Monitoring: connects to trailer Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) for advanced servicing and maintenance. Bluetooth connectivity integrates with a network of sensors, including door sensors and barrel rotation sensors.

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Before a device can be used for electronic RUC, it must be approved by the NZTA. EROAD has established a strong track record with the agency since it was first approved to provide electronic RUC in 2009 as an agent of the NZTA. To retain its status as an approved Electronic System Provider for Road User Charges, the NZTA conducts regular audits of EROAD’s processes and systems, and has completed rigorous testing of all its eRUC devices over the years to ensure RUC is calculated and collected accurately and reliably.

About EROAD:

EROAD is a fully integrated technology, tolling and services provider, based in Auckland, New Zealand. They were the first company in the world to implement a GNSS/cellular-based road charging solution across an entire country. They design and manufacture in-vehicle hardware, operate secure payment and merchant gateways and offer web-based value-added services. EROAD modernises road charging and compliance for road transport by replacing paper-based systems with easy-to-use electronic systems. They are the largest provider of road user charges (RUC) compliance in New Zealand, and a leading provider of health and safety compliance and fleet management solutions. EROAD is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the stock symbol of ERD.

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