Boost heavy vehicle health with EROAD CAN Bus Connect

Boost heavy vehicle health with EROAD CAN Bus Connect

EROAD to launch CAN Bus Connect to boost heavy vehicle health and efficiency. Available late February.


Connecting to the vehicles Engine Control Module (ECM), EROAD CAN Bus Connect supports fleets to improve preventive maintenance programs through customisable engine health alerts, and to reduce costs through detailed fuel consumption reporting.


Preventive fleet maintenance

Customisable engine alerts can help improve preventive maintenance, alerting fleet managers to potential issues before they become more serious, such as engine overheating. EROAD offers over 20+ datapoints* to choose from, with customisable thresholds and hundreds of rule combinations. This empowers users to set up alerts based on the specific triggers that they need to know about.

Manage fuel consumption

Fuel Economy is EROAD’s most powerful report to help fleets control and reduce fuel cost. Consuming ECM data, this report delivers detailed insights and performance benchmarking for truck fuel consumption right down to driver level.

EROAD CAN Bus Connect will be available to new and existing customers from late February 2024.

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* Number of datapoints monitored is dependent on plan. Restrictions on available data apply to certain makes and models. 

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