Manage commercial fleet EV RUC with EROAD

Manage commercial fleet EV RUC with EROAD

Waka Kotahi NZTA recently announced that from 1 April 2024, EVs will have to start paying road user charges (RUC), aligning them with light diesel vehicles. As New Zealand’s leading provider of electronic RUC, EROAD is here to help businesses manage RUC compliance for their light EVs.

New Zealand’s leading electronic RUC provider

Since its establishment in 2010, EROAD has been at the forefront of electronic RUC systems, processing over $5.5 billion in RUC payments and saving New Zealand businesses valuable time and money on compliance. In 2023, EROAD processed 41.7% of all RUC licenses, equating to an impressive 88.6% of electronic RUC licenses issued.

With changes to RUC on the way, including for light electric vehicles from 1 April, EROAD’s expertise in delivering commercial eRUC will help support this transition for New Zealand.

Manage RUC across your whole fleet, in one place

Every day, thousands of New Zealand businesses benefit from our eRUC solution. Whether that’s by reducing administrative tasks, or improving profit margins.

  • Our NZTA-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system means you can purchase a licence at the touch of a button
  • You can select paper label delivery, so you don’t even need an EROAD device in every vehicle to benefit
  • You can check the RUC status of all your RUC-vehicles online, at anytime
  • For vehicles fitted with an Ehubo, you can automate the entire RUC process, including automatic RUC top ups (AutoRUC)

For more information about the change itself, and the latest updates go to the NZTA’s website.

For more detailed help on EROAD and RUC purchasing, go to and search “RUC”.

EV Fleet Management

EROAD has a range of vehicle tracking hardware to suit different vehicles and needs. If you’re not yet an EROAD customer and would like to explore options for your EVs then get in touch with our team today to arrange a free demo of what our fleet management software can do.

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Help topics for customers

Setting up RUC for light EVs – from 1 April 2024

EROAD makes it easy for customers to manage RUC for their whole fleet in one place. Every EROAD customer has access to EROAD’s RUC Manager.

If you have fleet EVs fitted with an EROAD device

  • RUC-vehicles will automatically appear in the RUC Manager tab from 1 April.
  • To buy your first licence you’ll need to manually input the vehicles odometer reading.
  • Once initial licence is purchased, you can set up AutoRUC (only available with Ehubo)

If you have fleet EVs with no EROAD device

  • Add the vehicle details into your vehicles & assets list in MyEROAD (Administration > Vehicles/Assets > Add New)
  • RUC-vehicles will automatically appear in the RUC manager tab from 1 April
  • Input the vehicle odometer reading as the start distance

If you’re an existing customer but have never bought RUC with EROAD, please contact your account manager to set up your direct debit, or log a request at


How EROAD knows which vehicles pay RUC

Vehicles & assets listed in MyEROAD are checked against the NZTA RUC database. RUC vehicles are added automatically to the RUC Manager tab. From 1 April, any EVs in your vehicle list will appear on the RUC Manager tab.


No EROAD device? You can still manage RUC with EROAD

Did you know that you can add your company vehicles to MyEROAD for manual RUC management, even if they don’t have EROAD devices installed? Add your EVs to your vehicles & assets list under Admin > Vehicles.


Odometer sync requirements for light vehicles

If you have an Ehubo installed in a light vehicle, the vehicle’s odometer remains the official distance recorder for RUC compliance. Therefore a regular sync must be carried out to ensure the Ehubo distance is in sync with the vehicle’s odometer. This can be done in MyEROAD or on the Ehubo.



EROAD’s AutoRUC feature (only available with Ehubo) enables businesses to set up an automatic purchase to renew licences as they run out. For example, choose to automatically renew when the vehicle is within 200km of the licence end distance.


Paper RUC labels

You can manage your RUC with EROAD and still opt to get paper RUC labels delivered. There is a small administration fee charged for these.

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