Five fleet improvements you can make with CAN Bus data

Five fleet improvements you can make with CAN Bus data

From fuel saving initiatives to preventive maintenance, telematics with integrated CAN data could provide the fleet intelligence you’re after.

Managing a fleet comes with its share of challenges, but with the right tools, those challenges can be turned into opportunities for improvement. EROAD’s solutions are designed to empower fleet managers, providing data and insights that can help to mitigate risk and optimise fleet performance.

By integrating CAN data with your telematics solution, you could investigate fuel saving opportunities, or identify potential mechanical issues before they turn into major engine failure. With a continuously expanding dataset and features, EROAD CAN Bus Connect could be the key to advancing your fleet’s safety and productivity.

What is CAN Bus?

CAN, or Controller Area Network is a messaging protocol that sends signals between the Engine Control Module and other vehicle components such as warning lights, sensors and other ECUs. The ECM is like the brain of the vehicle, and CAN Bus is like the nervous system.

EROAD CAN Bus connect solution

EROAD CAN Bus Connect taps into this communication system, listening for signals then de-coding them to generate useful insights for fleet operators and workshop managers.

There are multiple CAN Bus messages (or datapoints) sent to/from the ECM, from warning lights on the dash, to engine temperature and fuel consumption rate.

EROAD CAN Bus Connect integrates with EROAD’s in-cab telematics device, the Ehubo 2. The device uploads monitored ECM data to the MyEROAD platform. Exact datapoints available will depend on plan as well as vehicle make and model. CAN Bus Connect provides two powerful fleet management products – Smart Rules, and Fuel Economy.


Smart Rules is an advanced, configurable alert engine with hundreds of rule combinations.

Fuel economy is a detailed fuel consumption report that lets you drill down to individual vehicles and trips.


Five improvements CAN Bus can make to your fleet

Here are 5 ways you can use EROAD CAN Bus Connect to help boost vehicle health, prioritise workshop jobs, spot operational gaps, protect drivers and get a handle on excessive fuel burn.

1. Keep vehicles running smoothly with proactive maintenance

Your fleet is the backbone of your business, so your vehicles need to be in top condition. EROAD CAN Bus Connect can enhance your preventive maintenance schedule.

Example alerts:

  • Oil needs topped up – oil level low warning = ON
  • Ad Blue needs topped up – alert for ‘After treatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Volume’
  • Trucks not getting up to operational temperature – Engine coolant <70 over 10 mins

2. Help prevent bigger breakdowns or engine failures

Repairing an engine blowout can cost tens of thousands, on top of the unexpected vehicle downtime. EROAD CAN Bus Connect lets you monitor several engine health datapoints to help you identify potential issues and prioritise workshop jobs before it becomes more serious.

Example alerts:

  • Engine overheating – Engine coolant temperature > 100
  • Gear box overheating – Gearbox temperature high warning = ON
  • Coolant slow leak – Coolant low warning = ON

3. Take action to protect your drivers

In addition to the driver safety features offered by the Ehubo 2, EROAD CAN Bus Connect can help you to monitor additional hazards, take action and keep your drivers safe.

Example alerts:

  • Potentially hazardous road conditions – Ambient temperature below 0
  • Driver not wearing seatbelt while driving – Seatbelt warning light ON, AND road speed > 35km, over 5 mins
  • Potential safety issue with ABS – ABS is ON, AND wheel speed > 30kmph

4. Support fuel reduction initiatives

Fuel is one of the biggest costs for transport operators. Traditional fuel reports based on distance travelled, and fuel purchased are great for having a high-level view of fuel usage in your business, but for fleets who are serious about reducing fuel usage, EROAD CAN Bus provides detailed reporting, straight from the engine:

Fuel reporting example features:

  • Identify & recognise top fuel savers – reward your top fuel savers, using the ‘top 5’ feature in the fuel economy report
  • Investigate excessive fuel burn – drill right down to vehicle and individual trips in the fuel economy report
Truck engine and fuel

5. Get a clearer picture of true idling

Focusing on reducing idling activity is a great way to reduce fuel burn and bring down emissions, but for many fleets there are exemptions. Using a combination of CAN datapoints in Smart Rules, you can get alerts that provide you with specific events that fall outside of your policy, helping you to understand genuine idling events that need to be addressed with the driver(s).

Example alert:

  • Idling events that fall outside policy – Engine RPM > 200rpm, Road speed = 0, PTO off , Brake pedal = off, delay 10-15 mins, escalate to different people the longer it continues
  • Use alert history to track all idling events outside policy in the last 30 days

Customise the solution to your needs

These are just a handful of examples of what can be achieved with EROAD CAN Bus Connect. All alerts can be customised, according to your company’s rules, procedures and operations. It means you can get the right information, at the right time, to the right people – and prevent ‘spamming’ from unnecessary alerts.

EROAD CAN Bus Connect is a truly smart telematics solution. It’s been designed to empower fleet managers, delivering intelligence from a trusted data source – your vehicle’s ECM. We understand what fleet managers need, and we’ve built CAN Bus Connect from the ground-up, leveraging our industry experience and working closely with large fleet operators.

You can learn more about EROAD CAN Bus Connect here, or reach out to us to set up a quick demo of the solution.

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