RUC Compliance – EROAD Ehubo2

EROAD Ehubo2

Ehubo2 builds upon EROAD’s revolutionary Ehubo distance recorder by introducing a driver-facing touchscreen display that enables a whole new suite of functions to help assist drivers and managers.


Key Benefits


Improve cash flow

Purchase RUC in legally minimum increments

Minimise risk

Reduce risk of accidental non-compliance and associated penalties or vehicle downtime

Reduce admin

Save precious time by eliminating need to check status and purchase licence before it expires

One device, multiple driver-centric applications

EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware makes operating a transport business easier and more profitable. Our technology will help you meet increasingly stringent compliance requirements and health and safety obligations.

Ehubo2 brings you paperless RUC, better safety outcomes and improved productivity on a single, secure device.

Our NZ Transport Agency-approved second-generation electronic distance recorder offers multiple applications on a single platform to help you protect your business and your drivers, and make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Applications include:

  • Drive Buddy real-time feedback
  • Driver Login
  • Electronic RUC licence display
  • Fuel fill information
  • EROAD Messaging

Key Features

  • Drive Buddy provides real-time feedback to drivers
  • EROAD Messaging provides two-way messaging between MyEROAD and drivers
  • Captures fuel fills on screen to track fuel efficiency
  • Idle detection
  • Designed to last the lifetime of vehicle and meets the highest automotive standards
  • Three digital inputs for reporting on auxiliary connection
  • Simple and secure on-screen Driver Login system that requires no additional hardware or fobs
  • High-resolution vehicle tracking with multiple vehicle location speed snapshots per minute
  • Driver behaviour reporting including acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding alerts