Health & Safety – EROAD Drive Buddy

EROAD Drive Buddy

EROAD Drive Buddy protects your drivers and your business with in-cab, easy-to-understand feedback in real time. Drive Buddy’s positive reinforcement helps drivers avoid speeding events, harsh braking, accelerating, sharp cornering, and unnecessary engine idling.


Key Benefits


Support driver safety

Access to multiple driver-centric applications on single device reduces distractions

User friendly

Easy to understand system of green/amber/red icons displays accurate vehicle speed

Encourage improved driving

Support proactive driver improvement with informative, positive feedback

Lower costs

Reduce the risk of penalties for speeding, and improve fuel efficiency by alerting drivers of speeding, harsh braking, sharp acceleration and idling

A trusted companion for safer drivers

Complying with all health and safety requirements while working in a fast-paced environment can put a lot of pressure on your business.

EROAD’s in-cab Drive Buddy supports your drivers with visual, easy-to-understand messages.

Drive Buddy’s real time feedback and alerts provide drivers with valuable insights that enable them to develop and maintain good driving habits, helping you to protect your drivers and business.

With Drive Buddy on the team, good driving just becomes a habit.


  • In-vehicle companion for continuous driver support
  • Large visual display showing calibrated, accurate speed
  • Visual, real-time feedback to help drivers avoid speeding, harsh braking, sharp cornering, and unnecessary engine idling