Ten ways EROAD’s RUC solution can benefit your business

Your RUC compliance is a necessary, yet often time consuming, manual task. Here’s 10 ways EROAD can automate your compliance at the same time as maximising your RUCOR claims.

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  • 1. EROAD’s smart RUC solution cuts out manual data entry and time-consuming RUC administration

  • 2. You can top up your RUC anytime or allow EROAD to auto-top it up for you just before it runs out

  • 3. EROAD accurately records your fleet’s locations and geo-fences specific areas as ‘off-road’ to maximise your off-road refunds

  • 4. It fully automates the off-road RUC (RUCOR) claim process

  • 5. It cuts out the hassle of making adjustments when RUC charges are increased by the NZTA - EROAD does the hard work for you!

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  • 6. Allows you, or your drivers, to buy additional weight licences when you need them – either in the office or on the road

  • 7. You can check the RUC status of any vehicle online, at anytime

  • 8. Increases your cash-flow as you only need to buy legally minimal RUC amounts at any one time

  • 9. Cuts out the need for paper licences or vehicle down-time

  • 10. Reduces the risk of fines for accidental non-compliance as you never run out of RUC


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