Improving driver safety – new real-time overspeed alerts

Improving driver safety – new real-time overspeed alerts

At EROAD, we’re continuously looking at ways to help our customers improve driver safety. Critical to improving safety is reducing speed. Speed may not always cause a crash but it will determine whether someone is killed, injured or walks away.

Our latest feature to help fleets manage and reduce speeding is our enhanced overspeed alerts feature, which alerts operators if a vehicle breaches a speeding threshold for any speed zone, e.g. going 15kmh over the road speed.

Using GPS location from EROAD hardware, together with our mapping technology, we can determine if a vehicle was being driven over the speed limit. Vehicles fitted with an Ehubo device get an alert in the vehicle when this happens, so they can take immediate action to reduce speed.

Now fleet managers and operators can also choose to be alerted in near real-time if a driver exceeds an acceptable speeding threshold. Until now, this alert was only available for anyone hitting a maximum speed limit (e.g. 120kmh).

Busy fleet professionals want to be notified of potentially unsafe or dangerous driving behaviour. This enhancement will help them to take action or have coaching conversations with drivers as close in time as possible to the speeding event itself.

We’ve made this change based on customer feedback, and we’re excited to share that it’s now available in MyEROAD.

To set up alerts, go to Administration > Vehicle Profiles. Simply set the acceptable threshold , e.g. 15kmh over the posted speed, and you’ll get real-time email alerts if a vehicle breaches it. There must be two speeding events within 1 minute to trigger an alert.


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