An intuitive pool car booking app for your shared fleet

An intuitive pool car booking app for your shared fleet

Car-pooling or vehicle sharing is a great way to reduce the overall size of your fleet, lower operational costs and increase vehicle utilisation. However, it can require additional admin to manage it well. That’s why Life Saving Victoria adopted EROAD BookIt, a pool vehicle booking system that makes it easier to manage their shared fleet.


Combining GPS tracking and pool booking apps

Car-pooling is an easy win for fleets – but it needs to be well managed to avoid issues with availability. Before EROAD BookIt, the team at Life Saving Victoria were using calendars to manage their shared vehicle bookings.

Together with its vehicle tracking devices, EROAD’s pool vehicle booking system, EROAD BookIt offered Life Saving Victoria a seamless experience across desktop and mobile app, enabling self-service, minimising no-shows, and maximising fleet utilisation. Features built into the app include:

  • Intelligent Rebooking: when a vehicle is late back or unavailable, the user is automatically rerouted to another suitable vehicle and notified.
  • Book a Seat: secure a ride in a company vehicle making a similar journey.
  • Customise search results: choose to show low emissions options first to encourage people to use more efficient vehicles first.

After adopting the dedicated, fit-for-purpose app, Rhys O’Brien, Warehouse Co-ordinator at Life Saving Victoria says “EROAD BookIt has been a gamechanger. We’re able to see where bookings are, swap around bookings, get reports and usage on our fleet to better manage our assets”


Shared fleets are growing

Life Saving Victoria aren’t the only ones who recognise the benefits of a shared fleet. Respondents to EROAD’s 2022 sustainability survey said the number of vehicles being pooled is on the rise. On average, businesses with vehicles expect at least 50% of their fleets to be shared by 2025. It’s clear that organisations are catching on to the benefits of car pooling for reducing fleet size, lowering operating costs and increasing vehicle utilisation.


Pool booking apps make shared fleets easier to manage

Life Saving Victoria saw immediate improvements in their pool vehicle management and the way they use their assets when they added EROAD BookIt. “Bringing on the services of EROAD has made managing our assets a lot more productive than it has been in the past”, Rhys adds, “it’s taken a lot of the headache and the manual administration away from that role.”


Vehicle availability is critical to success

A fleet sharing program can reduce the costs associated with having multiple fleet vehicles that are parked up a lot of the time. It’s also something many are considering as they switch to lower emission alternatives. Fleet sharing can help maximise this investment by making the best possible use of the vehicles they have.

To be successful, users need a simple booking process that lets them know where vehicles are and when they’re available. Managing your company car sharing program through calendars and spreadsheets is a good start, but it does have some challenges. Pool booking apps make it easier for users to book vehicles and see their availability.


Interested in learning more about how EROAD BookIt could help you manage your shared fleet? Request a demo or get in touch with our team today. We’re here to help you make the most of your fleet.

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