RUC Compliance

RUC compliance made easy

Our electronic system takes the stress out of buying and managing RUC. Purchase your RUC licences where and when you need them, through our NZ Transport Agency-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system.

Our completely paperless electronic RUC system gives you back the time you spend on RUC administration, removes the risk of accidental non-compliance, and helps you receive off-road refunds faster. You can automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum amounts — so you can keep cash in the bank rather than on the windscreen.


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"We’ve been with EROAD since the early days and find with the ease of off-road recovery the system pays for itself – it’s so much easier, manageable and more cost efficient to buy it this way."

Ian Emmerson
Managing Director, Emmerson Transport

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"We’re seeing major time and cost savings through automating our RUC purchasing. It’s also less stressful for our drivers because they don’t have to worry that their licences will be affected if they’re stopped when their RUC has expired. And there’s no risk to the company’s NZTA rating because we’re always compliant."

Dave Coutts
General Manager, HydroVac


Mix and match depending on your fleet shape, size and needs. 

Light Vehicles
Light Vehicles
  • LV Track
  • LV Track Plus
  • Ehubo 2 Core Lite
  • Ehubo2 SafeDriver Lite

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Heavy Vehicles
Heavy Vehicles
  • HV Track
  • HV Connected
  • HV Advance
  • SafeDriver

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  • Trackplan

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