How telematics makes your RUC management simple

How telematics makes your RUC management simple

Your RUC compliance is an important part of running your business. But, with licences required for every diesel vehicle on the road, it can also be a complex and time consuming process.

In addition, if your business operates vehicles off-road, capturing the right information is also vital to ensuring you get the full RUCOR refund your business is entitled to.

Maintaining accurate records and keeping on top of your renewals are key to your RUC compliance.

EROAD’s electronic RUC solution revolutionises the way you manage and pay RUC charges for trucks, light vehicles and trailers as well as your RUCOR claims.

How EROAD takes the driver’s seat to manage your RUC compliance

EROAD’s specially designed fleet management software automates the entire RUC compliance process and maximises your off-road claims.

EROAD’s system automatically records the distance each vehicle travels on-road and accurately records all off-road travel with its intuitive GPS-tracking capability. This allows you to automatically top up RUC when you need it and claim back accurate off-road RUC dollars!


EROAD’s electronic RUC system cuts out the paperwork and admin time, reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance and helps you claim more off-road refunds, faster.

It also assists in delivering wider safety outcomes for your fleet and improves your business’ productivity and profitability in a number of other ways.

How EROAD automates the entire RUC management process for trucks, class 1 diesel vehicles and trailers

Our NZTA-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system allows you to maintain your RUC compliance in two different ways – you can automatically top up your RUC compliance as you go (AutoRUC) or at the touch of a button (electronic RUC).


EROAD’s sophisticated AutoRUC solution automatically purchases RUC for your fleet in legally minimum amounts at any one time, allowing you to manage your cash-flow better.

Once set up, your new licence is automatically purchased via EROAD’s system just before your current one expires, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

EROAD’s AutoRUC reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance as it updates your RUC electronically for display on EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware.

You’ll also significantly reduce the time spent on administration and remove the need to continually check the current status of your licences. It also cuts out the need for paper licences or vehicle down-time.

Electronic RUC

With EROAD’s electronic RUC, you can buy licences online anytime, at the touch of a button. EROAD’s secure, bank-grade payment gateway allows you to purchase RUC in legally minimum increments – which means you virtually pay-as-you-go!

EROAD’s system automatically sends the RUC licence information to the screen on its in-cab hardware for display as an approved electronic RUC licence. There’s no paper labels required and no lag time.

You also have full visibility of your RUC status and purchases across your entire fleet at any time.


“It’s completely simplified RUC. We no longer run out or get tickets. It’s reduced admin time, is one less thing for our drivers to worry about and the total amount of cash outlay is drastically lower, with each vehicle sitting on 2000km rather than 5000-10,000.”

Paul McCurdy, Operations Manager,
McCurdy Engineering, New Plymouth

You can also buy additional weight licences out on the road, whenever you need them. This means you can extend the capability of a vehicle to carry the approved RUC licence weight, at the touch of a button.

For instance, if one of your fleet vehicles has a licence to carry up to GVM 20 tonnes on the road, but it picks up a load which exceeds that, your driver or fleet manager can immediately purchase an additional weight licence for the distance that the load is expected to be carried.

Your RUC is immediately displayed on our in-vehicle EHUBO device. No more admin or special trips to the Post Office – and no risk of accidental fines! EROAD also automatically makes adjustments in the system whenever NZTA charges are adjusted.

What’s more, you can automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum amounts so that you can keep more cash running in your business – rather than sitting on the windscreen.

How EROAD maximises your off road claims

Manually keeping track of your fleet’s movements is a difficult, time-consuming task. Keeping accurate manual log-books is also challenging for drivers and is often carried out in an ad-hoc way.

Similarly, processing your RUCOR (Road User Charges Off-road) refund forms can also be a challenge.

EROAD’s highly accurate GPS system, supported by a sophisticated geofence tool, accurately tracks and records off-road travel anywhere in New Zealand so you can claim the maximum amount of off-road RUC rebates you’re entitled to.

Here’s how EROAD helps with your RUCOR rebates

As soon as a RUC licence expires, EROAD’s mapping engine automatically determines off-road travel that is not subject to RUC e.g. travel on a private road or within a depot.

EROAD’s web-based application, MyEROAD, then automatically generates accurate off-road reports and allows you to electronically verify and submit your claims to NZTA, avoiding paper-work hassles and postage.

This helps your business by:

  • Automatically calculating off-road travel distance and estimated refunds
  • Automatically generating RUCOR claim forms
  • Electronically submitting RUCOR claim forms to NZTA
  • Improving cash flow and frequency of off-road refunds
  • Archives RUCOR claims to help meet legal compliance

“With EROAD’s real-time tracking, I can see where the guys are located and whether it’s a good time to call to make arrangements for their next job.
The convenience of buying RUC and managing off-road claims, WOF, COF and rego using AutoRUC and the online service module has saved a great deal of time – and money! Needless to say, since then we have seen significant savings from operational efficiencies. ”

Steve and Kelly McCafferty,
McCafferty Metal Cartage, Gisborne

EROAD’s geofencing also helps maximise your RUCOR claims

If your company has a depot or operates at customer sites that are located close to public roads, then you are entitled to claim valuable off-road RUC dollars back for work carried out at these sites.

EROAD provides a sophisticated geofencing tool which helps get the maximum off-road RUC claim you’re entitled to. In effect, EROAD’s smart telematics platform allows you to ring-fence special areas/sites and deem them as off-road. This means you can maximise your RUC claim by including all travel in those areas as off-road.

For example, if you are carrying out construction on a public road, it can be deemed ‘off-road’ while you are working in that area. Geofencing provides you with a simple solution that delivers immediate ROI.

EROAD’s fleet compliance and management solution can also lower your overall costs and enhance the safety, productivity and efficiency of your fleet. It does this by helping you better allocate resources, schedule maintenance, monitor and coach drivers, optimise routes, reduce turn-around times and plan schedules more accurately. This helps lower costs, such as fuel and labour, at the same time as lifting the bar when it comes to providing a high standard of customer service.


Don’t waste another day using an outdated paper-based system to manage your RUC and RUCOR claims.

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