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Efficient and effective fleet management

Improve productivity and customer service and maximise uptime with our world-leading fleet management system. EROAD’s accurate fleet tracking and advanced reporting provide you with the best data available to help you take the guesswork out of business decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Our system takes the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights for your business.

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Crown Relocations

"EROAD fleet tracking is fantastic but where we’re increasingly seeing benefits is in reporting.

It’s creating more and more information that’s really beneficial to our fleet."

Glenn Coughlan 
National Operations Manager, Crown Relocations

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"I can see Leaderboard reports at any time of day, any day of the year, on my phone. It’s a great innovation. It makes my job much easier, being able to keep on top of what’s happening in the fleet remotely."

Blair Inglis 
Fleet Compliance Manager, Foodstuffs North Island

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"Now we’re using EROAD U Book-It, once a vehicle is returned to the council carpark, it checks itself in and is made available in the pool. Each booking gets coded to a cost centre, which helps us charge back kilometres travelled to the right department."

Tony Bird 
Vehicle Fleet Coordinator, Northland Regional Council


"Our trucks are fully branded with Angel Transport, if a driver chooses to affect that branding by speeding, I will take any precaution, any device to make sure our employees go back home safe to their families. EROAD has been more than beneficial to the Angel Transport business."

Ayna Amina 
General Manager , Angel Transport Limited


Mix and match depending on your fleet shape, size and needs. 

Light Vehicles
Light Vehicles
  • LV Track
  • LV Track Plus
  • Ehubo 2 Core Lite
  • Ehubo2 SafeDriver Lite

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Heavy Vehicles
Heavy Vehicles
  • HV Track
  • HV Connected
  • HV Advance
  • SafeDriver

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  • Trackplan

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