Tubo trackers log 2 billion kms and counting

Tubo trackers log 2 billion kms and counting

New Zealand customers are loving EROAD’s distance recorder for heavy trailers, and the numbers show they’re not shy about going places. Last month, the total distance travelled by 8.6K Tubo units in operation in NZ surpassed the 2 billion km mark (2.12bn).

That’s an average of 246,512 km per user, though more than 150 Tubo tracking devices are in the 1 million km club.

So what do fleet operators love about it? Your odometer can tell you how far you’ve driven, but only an electronic distance recorder automatically logs every journey and securely stores that data for you to use however you like. For example, you could use it to track maintenance intervals or after-hours use. Electronic devices are also more accurate and tamper-resistant.

In addition to distance, the waterproof Tubo device captures location, route, date, time, and other data and continuously transmits it to the MyEROAD fleet management platform. Because you can follow the device’s movements on a map, you have full visibility of where your trailers are when they’re out of your depot, and you can even transfer your assets to other depots on arrival using the EROAD Share app.

But the Tubo’s most popular feature is a big one for driver-facing Ehubo2 devices as well: compliance with road user charges (RUC). That includes being able to instantly purchase credit online, automatic top-ups, and easy reimbursement for off-road mileage.


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