Safer roads for all

Safer roads for all

“To drive on our roads should not require spinning the roulette wheel of life”. That’s how EROAD’s Steven Newman began his CEO report in the company’s FY19 Annual Report released earlier this week.

Alongside double-digit growth figures were some impressive statistics on how the company is “helping get more people home safely, every night”.


EROAD can attribute an impressive 47% reduction in customer over-speed events directly back to the company’s products and services. The annual report includes examples at an individual customer level, whose commercial vehicle fleets are experiencing greater than 80% reductions in speeding events after installing EROAD’s Ehubo2.

Making roads safer has been a key focus for EROAD, influencing the company’s product development since launching ten years ago with the world’s first nationwide electronic Road User Charging system.

The annual report shows how this foundation in regulatory telematics has enabled the company to successfully expand into North America and Australia, simultaneously undertaking continuous product innovation that has grown EROAD’s offerings beyond the original compliance product.

The good news is that more commercial vehicle fleets are installing EROAD, with the company showing an increase of 24% in total contracted units over the last financial year. This is tempered with EROAD stating that even though it supplies more vehicles than any other telematics company operating in NZ, this equates to only 11.3% of the total number of commercial vehicles operating on our roads. The use of telematics in commercial vehicles is not mandatory, although EROAD believes that companies concerned about the safety of their employees either have or are currently looking at in-vehicle hardware given that’s proven to improve driver behaviour.

EROAD’s annual report includes an easily read narrative showing how the company is achieving what successive governments have been attempting: Safer roads for all who travel them.

EROAD Annual Report

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