No time benefit from speeding

No time benefit from speeding

EROAD has proved that speeding in urban environments does not reduce your travel time. 

The company analyzed data received from over 830,000 vehicle trips travelling a total combined distance of 28 million kms within Auckland. An overwhelming 99.6% of these trips showed that more time was lost while spent stopped at lights, intersections or in congestion than was gained by exceeding the allocated speed limit. In most instances these vehicles were achieving only 20 – 70% of the allocated speed limit. 

Gareth Robins, Director of Analytics at EROAD said “We all know the damaging impact of speeding, and now we’ve proven that choosing to speed is not a strategy that pays off in terms of the total trip time”. He further outlined “considering the impact of traffic light or intersection dwell times can make the most difference when deciding what routes will reduce your travel time”. 

And it’s not just Auckland where speeding is on the decline. 

Nationally, speed offences (issued by Police Officers) dropped 21% in 2018 compared to the previous year and the data collected through EROAD technology showed a reduction of 26% in identified speeding events. 

Organisations that use EROAD’s driver behaviour analytics have 38% fewer speeding events than organisations that don’t use EROAD at all. Think again if you believe this is just heavy vehicles – 40% of the data used in this Auckland study came from light vehicles (under 3,500 GVM). 

Over 80% of the electronically collected heavy vehicle road user charges in New Zealand are being collected using EROAD technology and the company has provided telematic data to Auckland Transport for consideration as part of the reduction in central city speed limits currently under consideration. 

EROAD is known for its technology solutions that manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance and improve driver safety. The data collected is anonymised and aggregated for research use ensuring those who use the roads are influencing the design, management and funding of future transport networks. 

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