MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration now available for connected vehicles

MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration now available for connected vehicles

EROAD has integrated Seeing Machines’ Guardian safety technology into MyEROAD, to provide operators with a single interface for managing video telematics.

MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration

The full picture. In one place.

Seeing Machines’ Guardian technology is world leading and utilises face and eye tracking algorithms to detect fatigue and distraction, allowing proactive intervention before a risky driving incident occurs.  Guardian has seen expanding global penetration into long haul and heavy transport fleets. Fleet operators in more than 26 countries have chosen to install Guardian in their commercial vehicles, to protect drivers and their assets.

With 80 per cent of all Heavy Transport ERUC in NZ being purchased through EROAD, we have witnessed the growing adoption of Guardian by this industry. Until now, detailed video and event data from Guardian and fleet data and tracking from EROAD technology was only available across two separate platforms.

This integration delivers simplicity of access for customers, allowing users of both technologies to prioritise actionable insights from data, visible in one location. By making it easier to see, users have a greater ability to understand the risks associated with their fleet and coach drivers towards safer and more sustainable outcomes.

Coverage across an entire fleet

Tools and technology must be fit for purpose, especially when mitigating risks on the road. The primary advantage for fleets using Guardian is proactive intervention, before an incident caused by fatigue or distraction happens. It is the most advanced safety technology available for commercial fleets. It is also a significant investment for a business, and many fleet managers choose to install it only in the highest risk vehicles. Installing it across entire fleets, including light vehicles, can sometimes be viewed as a big challenge.

The MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration allows operators the chance to choose the right hardware, for the right vehicle. Operators looking to embrace video telematics, and its benefits, can install EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam across the remainder of their fleet as an affordable solution. Regardless of what hardware is in which vehicle, operators will be able to view all video events together in their MyEROAD Replay.

“Our customers have been asking for this integration for years and we can now deliver on this for them.  This integration is all about ease of use for the customer and prioritising actionable insights from data. By making it easier to see everything in one place, the fleet manager has a greater ability to coach drivers for safer and more productive outcomes.

Clarity isn’t competing with Seeing Machines, it is complementing it. It provides operators with the affordable option to adopt video telematics across more vehicles, to reduce the risk on the total fleet rather than just on the high-risk vehicles. This integration is critical to allowing fleet managers to see the full picture.” Tony Warwood, EGM ANZ

Seamless side-by-side video

Operators may choose to install EROAD’s Clarity forward facing dashcam alongside the driver facing Guardian camera in cab. Fleet managers will be able to view footage from the separate cameras side-by-side in MyEROAD Replay for any events triggered by either, or both, pieces of hardware.

Key features:

  • One platform to access total fleet video and data if generated by a Guardian camera or EROAD hardware
  • Guardian video footage and event data is available to view within MyEROAD Replay
  • EROAD Clarity video footage and event data is available within the same screen
  • Seamlessly move between vehicles to check video or event triggers, regardless of whether EROAD Clarity Dashcam or Guardian DMS cameras are installed
  • Side-by-side video available if EROAD Clarity and Guardian DMS hardware exists in a single vehicle
  • Simplified, clean, easy, user experience for all fleet insights
  • EROAD Clarity Dashcam is a complementary product to allow affordable adoption of video telematics across whole of fleet
  • One platform to allow improved driver coaching and recording utilsing video footage
  • Integration occurs through API key available from Seeing Machines or distributor and EROAD
  • Vehicles fitted with Guardian DMS hardware DO NOT have to be fitted with EROAD hardware to be visible in MyEROAD


Paul McGlone, CEO of Seeing Machines said: “We are very happy to be partnering with EROAD. Our Guardian technology has seen expanding global penetration into long haul and heavy transport fleets and will be a huge benefit to EROAD users not only in New Zealand, but Australia and America as well. The Seeing Machines purpose is to get everyone home safely so we are closely aligned with EROAD as both companies take pride in helping make roads safer, knowing this integration will help achieve that.

With strategic growth and partnerships like this EROAD continues to contribute to safer roads through the delivery of products and services to transport operators and drivers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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