EROAD next-generation hardware receives Transport Agency approval

EROAD next-generation hardware receives Transport Agency approval

EROAD’s second-generation in-vehicle device has been approved by the NZ Transport Agency as an Electronic Distance Recorder (EDR).

The approval provides New Zealand transport operators with an all-in-one in-cab device that supports multiple driver centric applications.

The new addition to EROAD’s family of in-vehicle hardware devices offers an uncompromised range of enhanced ERUC and compliance features. The Ehubo2 helps improve safety outcomes with a touchscreen colour display that delivers real-time in-cab driver feedback, EROAD’s driver messaging service, EZmessage, and Driver ID.

“EROAD is focused on continually delivering innovation to our customers with a technology platform that helps them run more profitable and compliant businesses,” EROAD CEO Steven Newman said. “I would like to thank the Transport Agency for continually supporting innovation within the transport industry.”

EROAD will provide customers with a choice of their preferred EDR by continuing to offer the Ehubo1 which is now installed in more than 30,000 heavy and light vehicles in New Zealand.

The Ehubo2 has undergone a rigorous product testing and validation process in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, covering in excess of 200 million kilometres.

EROAD is committed to ensuring the privacy and accuracy of all customer data. With the Ehubo2 exceeding reliability, accuracy and security requirements, it is the only Electronic Distance Recorder in the world to meet international security standards including FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 Level 3, and Common Criteria EAL2+ ALC_FLR.1

Commercial release of Ehubo2 is scheduled for 1 May 2016.

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