Accurate job invoicing with MyEROAD vWork integration

Accurate job invoicing with MyEROAD vWork integration

vWork’s job scheduling and invoicing software integration with MyEROAD is assisting operators with more seamless and accurate job invoicing. 

Accurate, transparent invoicing

vWork’s software is making it easy for growing businesses to schedule more jobs and maximise time and efficiency across their fleet.

The new integration takes the distance travelled, location and route data from the Ehubo and sends it direct to vWork’s invoicing module. The invoice amount is automatically calculated at job completion time with distance costs included.

By sending the data direct to the vWork app, customers get more reliable, accurate distance, location and route data for job invoicing. And with straight-through processing, there’s no messing around with calculations or data exports.


A perfect match for your fleet

vWork and EROAD work seamlessly together to enable you to:

  • get accurate position information to locate your workers.
  • accurately track and record the route and distance travelled by Workers on a job.
  • replay the route used to complete a job for audit and reconciliation purposes.
  • automatically add line items to invoices that show the actual distance travelled by your workers and equipment.

The integration with vWork is part of EROAD’s ongoing commitment to making it easier for our customers to do business so that we can continue working together to create safer, more sustainable roads.

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