Discover 10 benefits of tracking your company vehicles

Discover 10 benefits of tracking your company vehicles

Can you easily track how much your light vehicles are costing your business? Do you know how much of your usage is work versus private? Managing a fleet can create hours of admin. Fleet management software could save you time and money and make it easier to get the answers you need. 

Business decision makers need to understand how their fleet is performing and how things could be done more efficiently. Here are 10 ways your business could potentially benefit from using a telematics system in your light vehicles. 

1. Track, manage and reduce your fuel consumption 

Fuel is one of the largest ongoing costs for your fleet. Ensuring it’s being used efficiently can generate huge savings. Speed, excess idling, vehicle maintenance and route choices all have an impact on your bottom line. 

By adding your fuel cards into EROAD’s fuel card management tool you can track what’s being spent and combine this with other reports to build a picture of your fleet’s fuel usage to find ways to save cost.

“EROAD has impacted our business in a beneficial way. It has so far brought down our speed events from approximately 25,000 per month to 1200. It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20%.”

Simon Batchelor, Fleet & Procurement Manager, McConnell Dowell 


2. Save time spent tracking down vehicles 

By installing a GPS vehicle tracking device like EROAD Clarity Locate, you can see where your vehicles are in near real-time on EROAD’s fleet map. As well as saving time spent tracking down vehicles, you’ll get real-time ETAs to help keep your customers updated.  


3. Save time spent on incident investigation 

Even with insurance, incidents can cost you hours. Investigations can take days or even weeks, including time spent getting details from your driver, from the repairer, from witnesses and then there’s all the information needed by the insurance company.  

When you have telematics technology installed (and even better if you add a dashcam like EROAD Clarity Solo) you have data that can’t be argued with. It can tell you the driver’s route, the speed they were travelling and their exact location. When paired with dashcam footage, it makes investigation much easier and can quickly exonerate drivers who aren’t at fault providing them with protection and peace of mind. 

“It’s amazing how much reassurance having that footage gave our driver. Someone who’s been involved in an incident doesn’t need to dwell on it for a fortnight while we work through an investigation. If we can close it out in a matter of hours, that’s a great outcome for the business; that’s a cost savings for us.”

Scott Harder, Business Manager, BOC 


4. Identify the most efficient routes  

Using fleet activity data, you can identify the exact routes taken, monitor stops made and time spent at customer sites. You can also use this data to help identify the most efficient routes saving time, fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear. 


5. Make data-based decisions about your fleet  

When you have multiple vehicles and drivers, across different departments and regions, Fleet Utilisation reporting can help you assess how and where those vehicles are being used. Identify under-utilised vehicles and assess when repair and maintenance costs are starting to cost more for certain vehicles. Get data to support decisions around which vehicles to transition to electric, or where shared pool vehicles would make more sense.  

“We installed the EROAD system to help us manage health and safety outcomes and improve fleet utilisation and it’s already paid for itself with improvements in efficiency generated by the daily trip information and fuel savings.”

Brad Courtney, Fleet Manager, HRV 


6. Demonstrate your commitment to safety 

A good fleet management system can increase driver accountability, facilitate better driving choices and allow you to reinforce and reward good driving habits. 


7. Reduce your fleet’s insurance premiums and excess 

By installing EROAD in your vehicles, you may be able to reduce your insurance premiums and excess* if you can show you are in the top 25% of drivers on EROAD’s Leaderboard.  

*Not all insurance companies offer discounts for using vehicle tracking systems. However, many will consider your use of fleet telematics when setting their premiums. 


8. Keep track of servicing, WoFs and more 

Ever forgotten that a vehicle’s service or WoF was due? Well maintained vehicles are not only safer, they’re also more efficient. With EROAD, you can add all your vehicle servicing, WoF/CoF dates into the service module and set up reminders too. 


9. Easily share fleet metrics and reports 

These days, whether it’s customers, regulatory authorities or management, there’s a growing demand for data and metrics across a number of areas – especially when it comes to sustainability reporting. EROAD has a range of reports available to view, download and share with decision makers.  

For an additional subscription fee you could also add EROAD Analyst or or EROAD’s Enterprise Data Connector to build custom reports. Whether it’s operational, financial or sustainability reporting, these tools let you combine your EROAD data with other critical data from your organization.  

Choosing the best fleet management system for your light vehicles

Whatever device you choose to install, you’ll get access to EROAD’s online fleet management portal and mobile app. The below comparison outlines some of the main differences between EROAD vehicle tracking solutions as well as the potential savings. 

EROAD light vehicle tracking solutions 

For every $1 spent on EROAD, you could be saving up to $5! Check out how much you be saving with our ROI calculator. 

  EROAD Clarity Locate  EROAD Clarity Solo  EROAD ETrack G70  EROAD Ehubo 2 
Ideal vehicle type  Petrol, hybrid + electric Petrol, hybrid + electric Petrol + off-road vehicles like mowers, polaris/can-am  Diesel vehicles 
Price  $  $$  $  $$$ 
Main difference from other devices  Great for starting with telematics. The only device with the option to upgrade wirelessly to a dashcam in future.  Advanced vehicle/driver behaviour monitoring and coaching with all-in-one GPS telematics + dual facing cameras.   Our most basic vehicle GPS tracker.  The only device with a driver-facing screen. Provides eRUC, advanced driver safety and real-time messaging/alerts. 
Considerations  Doesn’t provide a RUC solution for diesel vehicles.  Doesn’t provide a RUC solution for diesel vehicles.  No screen, no ability to upgrade, no RUC solution and no driver identification.  Designed primarily for larger vehicles, the size of the device may not be ideal for smaller vehicles. 

Learn more about fleet management for light vehicles

Whatever your experience level and whatever the size or shape of your fleet – we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the best GPS trackers for your cars and vans.


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