EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – June 2024

EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – June 2024

April – June 2024

We’ve been busy collaborating with our customers, listening to feedback, and designing new products and features to help our customers get more out of their day to day and improve their fleet performance.


EROAD App Updates

In April, the EROAD Where Android App was relaunched on the Google Play Store.

Substantial work has been invested behind the scenes to make the app fully functional and meet the necessary security requirements.

We know how important it is that customers can track their assets and equipment on the go, and the app plays an important role in the operation of our Bluetooth mesh network.

EROAD Where customers can download the latest version of the app at the links below:

Play Store Download

App Store Download



EV management tools

We’ve been developing a suite of tools to support our customers to manage their EVs.

RUC for EVs and Hybrids

In April we made RUC purchasing available to customers with EVs and Hybrids, helping them to meet the new requirements by 31 May and continue managing RUC in one place.

In addition to EV RUC, we’ve also delivered several enhancements to our EROAD CAN Bus Connect solution* to provide significant value to customers with heavy EVs, including:

Real-time State of Charge

View real-time State of Charge for heavy EVs at any time on the MyEROAD Fleet Map. A game-changer for managing productivity and vehicle uptime, while adapting to EV technology.

Historical Activity with State of Charge

Review activity history alongside state of charge, helping customers improve fleet utilisation, scheduling and charging.

Engine health alerts

Smart Rules, available through CAN Bus Connect, is a configurable rule-based alerting engine. Customers with connected EVs can add alerts to monitor critical EV engine health data such as battery health, temperature and state of charge.

*EROAD CAN Bus Connect is available on select heavy vehicle and heavy EV models only.



MyEROAD Replay Enhancements

In May, we rolled out some enhancements to MyEROAD Replay to continue improving the experience for our dashcam customers.

Prominent colour-coded tags

When customers review footage, they often add tags, or labels to help track specific behaviours. This makes it easier to find footage in future, or to see what was captured without having to re-watch the clip. We’ve now made these tags more prominent and added colour-coding. Making it easier to see at-a-glance the behaviours identified across all clips. We’ve also added a new tag to identify smoking in the vehicle. 

Quick access to previous & next 20 second clips

When reviewing footage, customers sometimes need a little more context to understand what happened immediately before or after. We’ve made this simple and intuitive by adding buttons below the clip to review the previous 20 seconds and next 20 seconds of footage.




Secure, automated, and convenient user management

In June we launched a new product, Enterprise Authentication to simplify user management and help keep fleet data secure, by aligning user access to the customer organisation’s active directory or identity provider.

Single sign-on, also known as SSO, allows a user to access multiple applications or websites by logging in with one username and password. Creating a secure, seamless login experience. Additionally, customers can set custom time-out periods, map user roles centrally, and choose to add two-factor authentication to meet internal cyber security policy.

  • Simplify user access management
  • Aligns to organisation’s password complexity and validity policy
  • Automate mapping to user roles
  • Two Factor Authentication support
  • Configurable time out

This new product is free until 1 January 2025. Contact your account manager to enable it today.


Exciting new products coming soon!

We’re working on some exciting new products and platform developments coming very soon. Make sure you’re signed up to receive emails, or follow us on LinkedIn to the first to hear about what we’re doing.

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