ETrack G70

ETrack G70

A powerful GPS tracking device for vehicles, trailers and other powered assets.

The G70 is a robust, and feature-rich GPS tracker for your vehicles, trailers or heavy equipment. It’s an advanced asset tracking solution that’s hard wired to your asset for real-time location tracking.

This vehicle tracking hardware comes with in-built odometer and run hour monitoring capability and it can even detect high G-force events such as collisions


With ETrack G70, you can:


Automate maintenance
Avoid costly downtime by having a regular maintenance schedule for your valuable assets. Set reminders for preventative maintenance based on run hours or distance travelled.


Improve operational efficiency
Asset utilisation reporting can help you make informed decisions about how and where assets are being used across your business.


Track and manage assets
ETrack G70 is a high precision asset tracking device, providing continuous location updates whenever the device is in cellular range. Giving you near real-time location and activity data for your high value business assets and machinery.

ETrack G70 Key Features:

Connected to your assets power source
Hardwired to permanent power with back up internal battery in case of loss of power

Know if someone tampers with the device
You can see if the device has been disconnected from its power source

Real-time asset tracking solution
Accurate location tracking in near real-time using GPS

Robust design
Designed to work with your assets, the robust IP65 housing can withstand exposure to fine dust, sprays of water and extreme temperatures (-30°C to +60°C).

Access data on the move
Asset data is uploaded to MyEROAD which is available as a web-based desktop app or a mobile app for access on the go.

Ideal uses for EROAD ETrack G70

This asset tracking hardware is ideal for your powered assets where you also need to monitor speed, running hours and distance travelled. For example: 

  • Yellow Equipment
  • Plant and machinery
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural vehicles



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