ETrack Oyster 3

EROAD ETrack Oyster3

A GPS asset tracking device for monitoring moveable assets and equipment. 

The Oyster3 is a rugged asset location tracking device designed for monitoring non-powered assets where long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance. 

Using GPS technology, this asset tracker will send updates when your asset is in motion. It enters sleep mode when your asset is stationary to conserve battery life.


With Oyster3 you can:


Track and manage assets
EROAD Oyster3 is a GPS tracker, providing accurate location updates when movement is detected. Giving you near real-time location data of your business assets and equipment.


Maintenance scheduling
Regular maintenance can reduce costly equipment failure. You can set periodic service and maintenance reminders for stationary assets, or distance/run-time based reminders for mobile assets which typically travel >250m when in use.

Key Features:

Long battery life
Device can last 5+ years with a combination of movement and stationary location updates.

Accurate GPS location tracking
Locate your assets and equipment with highly accurate GPS location data.

Rugged design
Designed to work with your assets, the rugged IP6 housing can withstand exposure to rain, dust and extreme temperatures (-30°C to +60°C).

Access data on the move
Asset data is uploaded to MyEROAD which is available as a web-based desktop app or a mobile app for access on the go.

Ideal uses for EROAD ETrack Oyster3

This asset tracking hardware can be used across a variety of non-powered assets where you need daily location updates. For assets that travel longer distances (over 250m at a time) you can also use the ETrack Oyster 3 to track running hours. It’s ideal fore:

  • Trailers
  • Agriculture equipment & implements
  • Containers
  • Pumps/generators/hire equipment
  • Skip bins



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