EROAD CAN Bus Connect

EROAD CAN Bus Connect 

Boost heavy vehicle health, and your bottom line 

EROAD’s CAN Bus cable connects your truck’s ECM to your in-vehicle telematics device, enabling fleet managers a near real-time view of fuel consumption and tools to enhance preventive maintenance with alerts for engine metrics, such as engine temperature.  

The Engine Control Module (ECM) contains a powerhouse of valuable information about your heavy vehicles, and with EROAD CAN Bus Connect, you get two powerful products in one: 

Smart Rules is an advanced, configurable alert engine. It’s a powerful tool for fleets that are serious about preventive maintenance. With Smart Rules, you’re in control. Choose from over 20+ datapoints*, with customisable thresholds and hundreds of rule combinations*.  

Fuel Economy is our most powerful report to help you control and reduce fuel cost. Consuming ECM data, this report delivers detailed insights and performance benchmarking for your truck fuel consumption right down to driver level.  

* Number of datapoints monitored is dependent on plan. Restrictions on available data apply to certain makes and models.  

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Reduce cost
  • Help prevent costly repairs from engine failures
  • Easily investigate your biggest fuel burners
  • Identify your worst performing vehicles for replacement
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Better fleet health
  • Help prevent major engine failures by monitoring key engine health metrics 
  • Get live notifications if something isn’t right with your vehicle’s engine 
  • Improve workshop efficiency by prioritising the jobs to be done first 
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Be in control
  • Decide who in your team gets notified 
  • Choose only the datapoints that matter to you 
  • Reduce annoying emails with configurable alerts 

A powerful report to reduce fuel cost 

It can be difficult to derive usable insights from broad fuel usage reporting when you operate a range of vehicles and engine types, with multiple drivers, road types and terrain. EROAD’s Fuel Economy report is the answer. Understand your fleet like never before. Set specific targets and track achievement of those by vehicle, driver, fleet or other grouping. 

  • Get accurate, reliable fuel burn data, straight from the vehicle’s engine  
  • Easily investigate your biggest fuel burners 
  • Identify where you could save money on fuel 
  • Determine if your pricing covers the cost of fuel on specific routes 
  • Compare vehicle efficiency within your fleet to make informed replacement decisions 
  • Benchmark fuel performance against your own defined targets  
  • Level the playing field for drivers with driver-specific fuel burn targets 
  • Have easier coaching conversations with fuel burn data direct from the vehicle ECM 
  • Change driver behaviour by recognising top fuel savers 


EROAD CAN Bus Connect, Fuel Economy and Smart Rules have been designed in conjunction with EROAD customers, and rigorously tested across 1,500 vehicles. 

Fuel Economy Report 

  • Easily drill down – Go from a view of your total fleet fuel burn, right down to individual drivers and vehicles 
  • Meaningful benchmarking – Set specific fuel economy targets at a vehicle, group or total fleet level 
  • Accurate fuel dataView actual fuel burn vs. target across drivers, vehicles or groups 
  • Measure SustainabilityGet an estimate of CO2 emissions based on fuel burn* 

*estimate only, actual emissions will vary depending on engine type . 

Protect your fleet with engine health alerts  

Smart Rules is an advanced, configurable alert engine. It’s a powerful tool for fleets who understand the importance of preventive maintenance. Over 20+ datapoints* to choose from, with customisable thresholds and hundreds of rule combinations means you can ask MyEROAD to alert you to specific triggers that you need to know about – without being inundated with meaningless alert notifications that don’t require your attention.  

  • Help protect your fleet from engine failures, with rule based alerts 
  • Ensure fleet safety by monitoring vital engine health data 
  • Configurable rules help reduce noise from meaningless alerts 
  • Reduce downtime with targeted, proactive maintenance based on ECM data 
  • Boost workshop team efficiency with 30-day alert history for quick issue diagnosis 


  • Important alerts only – Choose the alerts that are most important to you – such as engine temperature*.  
  • Highly configurable – Use AND/OR logic to combine rules, set minimum and maximum thresholds and determine stand down periods to suit your own preventive maintenance program. 
  • Quick check – Self-check on alert set up screen shows if the alert will work for your vehicles and how many 
  • Alert history – View last 30 days of alerts for a vehicle 

*Datapoints available will vary between makes & models. More information available on request. 

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CAN data could provide the fleet intelligence you’re after 

Managing a fleet comes with its share of challenges, but with the right tools, those challenges can be turned into opportunities for improvement.

By integrating CAN data with your telematics solution, you could investigate fuel saving opportunities, or identify potential mechanical issues before they turn into major engine failure.

With a continuously expanding dataset and features, EROAD CAN Bus Connect could be the key to advancing your fleet’s safety and productivity. Discover examples of how other heavy fleets are using CAN Bus Connect Smart Rules and Fuel Economy to improve safety and much more.

Unlock benefits across your business with vehicle can bus  

EROAD CAN Bus Connect is a great tool for professional fleet managers, and the reports and benefits can also extend to various other business functions. 

Fleet Managers
Maintain your fleet productivity by helping to reduce vehicle downtime through preventive maintenance, and save on fuel costs.

Maintenance managers
Build a preventive maintenance program that includes monitoring of specific engine metrics that could signal bigger issues before they become expensive engine failures, and get a downloadable 30-day vehicle alert history for quicker diagnosis of issues.

Health & safety managers
Vehicle accidents are a key risk to be managed by all health & safety managers, and monitoring engine health alerts demonstrates a proactive approach to mitigate the risk of on-road failures and improve driver safety.

Finance managers
Detailed fuel consumption reporting and targets can improve cost management and reduce operating expenses, and support decision-making on vehicle replacement

Sustainability Managers
Agree fuel economy targets and fuel emissions reduction targets in conjunction with your sustainability manager, then demonstrate progress with shareable reports

When competing for business, use your preventive maintenance program to demonstrate reliability, and pull emissions and fuel economy stats to show sustainability performance if asked

Accurate fuel consumption data from the ECM, together with vehicle-specific fuel economy targets provide meaningful benchmarking and lead to more informed coaching discussions.


Why preventive maintenance is better than reactive maintenance 

Engine failure is something no fleet manager, or driver, wants to deal with. The cost to replace a heavy vehicle’s engine can run into $100,000s. As well as the expense of repairing the vehicle, there can be big impacts on productivity and customer service.  

A preventive maintenance schedule can help mitigate the risk of this happening. EROAD provides a range of tools to support your heavy vehicle preventive maintenance program including service and maintenance schedules, digital inspection checklists, and engine health alerts. 

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