Don’t stop once you get started again

Being parked up isn’t good for anyone, and that includes your trucks too.

Flat batteries and low-pressure tyres are just a couple of things that might stop your business driving forward as Covid-19 alert levels change.


Here’s how to ensure your fleet is road-fit 

We asked Steve to provide some advice to make sure your trucks are ready to roar:


Steve Fielding, EROAD’s National Manager - Key Accounts (and former Fleet Manager) has an International CPC in Transport Management and was an operator's license holder (UK version of a TSL). Before joining EROAD, Steve ran the maintenance schedule for a fleet of 600 heavy trucks and walking floor trailers.

Check the basics

Have mice nested in your Refer motor or wheel hubs?

Seriously now, you don’t want the hydraulics to fail as the pressure comes up, so a quick once-over should include:

  • Under the bonnet for oil and fluid levels etc
  • Visual check of your wheel nut indicators and look for flat tyres
  • Check all your visual safety equipment is working and clear of spider webs - lights, brakes, windscreen and mirrors
  • Complete a connection and lubrication check
  • Walk around the vehicle looking for body damage and removing any debris that may have blown in or lodged itself while the vehicle has been stationary

Start your engine

If the vehicle ignitions on – yay! If not, you will have to call in some help to either change the battery or charge it up and get it tested. Allow the vehicle to run up to the recommended operating temperature while you:

  • Check steering and suspension give the horn a blast
  • Check tyre pressure, lifting equipment and legal signage
  • Torque up wheel nuts to the recommended setting with a certified torque wrench
  • Check vehicle Registration, COF and RUC

Expired or expiring driver licences, WoFs, CoFs? 

Due to COVID-19,  NZTA have extended expired WoFs, regos, and licenses by six months*. All driver licences, WoFs, CoFs, and some vehicle certifications, that expired on or after January 1, 2020 are now valid for up to six months from April 10, 2020.

Other changes included extending license endorsements that expired on or after March 1, 2020 and a suspension of the requirement to display a current vehicle licence (rego) if it expired on or after January 1, 2020. 

Keep your drivers safe 

Are your drivers able to access regular hand washing stations at rest stops? If not, bottles of hand sanitizer should be placed into each driver’s cab. We might be freer, but Covid-19 is still lurking around. 

Making it real easy

EROAD Inspect lets you carry out pre and post trip vehicle inspections on a mobile app – and record any defects to be fixed, or maintenance to be completed. 

To find out how it works, check out our video.

Foodstuffs SI 1070 450

“EROAD Inspect removes all paperwork, enabling us to quickly complete our checks using the mobile app. We can easily review the status of a vehicle at any one time, increasing fleet efficiencies and maximizing vehicle road times.

Due to the huge demands put on our fleet at this time, the health of our vehicles has never been more important. This is why we use EROAD Inspect.”

Martin Jones, Fleet Servicing and Performance Supervisor, Foodstuffs South Island

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