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EROAD has multiple dashcam options in our Clarity product range, giving fleet managers the full picture. To discover which of our models suits your needs best, take our 3 question quiz.

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EROAD Clarity Dashcam

EROAD Clarity Connected Dashcam
Made for the EROAD ecosystem, the EROAD Clarity Connected Dashcam combines full HD video with accurate telematics data from your Ehubo2. Designed for vehicles requiring RUC and fleet managers who want to take a proactive approach to driver safety.

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EROAD Clarity Dashcam LV

EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam
A single dashcam device combines video with telematics for an advanced yet cost-effective solution to help you manage and protect your fleet. Designed for petrol or electric/hybrid vehicles and fleet managers who want to manage risk across their entire fleet.

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