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EROAD offers you a choice of hardware devices to suit the needs of your fleet.

Our NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorders, tracking devices and mobile app provide a range of enhanced electronic RUC (road user charges), safety features and accurate fleet tracking.

Use EROAD’s secure, advanced technology platform to manage your ERUC, safety and fleet management, lowering overall costs and improving your return on investment.

Each of our hardware products interface with EROAD web application, Depot, where users can access information and services online.

Manage all your vehicles and assets – light, heavy and equipment – in one web browser, to improve operational transparency and enhance control.


Multiple driver-centric applications on a single device. 

Our NZ Transport Agency-approved Ehubo2 improves safety compliance with a touchscreen colour display that delivers real-time in-cab driver feedback, messaging, and driver ID, in addition to electronic RUC and fuel management.

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ERD NZ Ehubo2 600x300

ERD NZ Ehubo1 600x300


A cost-effective choice for heavy vehicles

EROAD Ehubo1 is an NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorder for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. It measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy and captures location, route and operational data from the vehicle.

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Advanced GPS tracking unit for light vehicles

The EhuboLITE is EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware for light vehicles. It is also an advanced GPS tracking unit.

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ERD NZ HuboLite 600x300

ERD NZ Elocate 600x300


Robust tracking for light vehicles and assets

Designed to provide location information about any vehicles or machinery via the cellular network, Elocate is a tracking solution for vehicles and machinery not requiring RUC.

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Your electronic distance recorder for  trailers over 3.5 tonnes

Our NZ Transport-Agency approved electronic distance recorder for heavy trailers, the Tubo is the trailer version of the Ehubo1. It is housed in a purpose-built, rugged and waterproof enclosure, and is also an electronic RUC display and advanced GPS telematic tracking product.

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ERD NZ Tubo 600x301

ERD NZ DriverID 600x300

Driver ID

Know who is driving

EROAD’s Driver Identification Unit is available as an additional extra for our first-generation in-vehicle devices.

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EROAD Asset Tracker

Protect your valuable mobile assets

An ultra-small, waterproof, satellite-ready tracking device, EROAD Asset Tracker accurately tracks and monitors trailers, generators, and other mobile assets, wherever they are located.

A combination of ultra-small size and long-life battery makes Asset Tracker easy to mount to any asset, enabling you to monitor it at all times.

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ERD AssetTracker 600x301

fleetandasset ETrackWired

EROAD ETrack Wired – Asset Tracker

ETrack Wired is designed to take care of tracking your powered assets and equipment – when you need a full tracking and management solution but don’t require the in-cab experience of the Ehubo2.

The ETrack device is:

  • Durable, watertight and IP rated enclosure
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Rechargeable backup battery, with up to 6 months life
  • 3+ inputs & outputs for additional data capture

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