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Dashcams are an essential tool for any fleet manager who’s serious about safety. Whether you’re operating heavy trucks, light vehicles, cars, vans, EVs - or a mix of these – it can be hard to find one solution that fits all vehicles. EROAD has a range of dashcam packages and hardware options that allow you to mix and match, according to the needs of your fleet.

Video Telematics – See the full picture

One of the biggest advances in dashcam technology is the use of integrated video telematics,  which provides real-time data on speed, distance travelled, braking behaviour, and more. This extra layer of information means fleet managers can see the bigger picture and get more insight into any activity or incident. 

Rather than relying on an SD card the way many entry-level cameras do, the EROAD Clarity Connected and Solo dashcams upload video to the cloud for tamper-proof security. Footage retrieval is quick and easy too, and an enhanced map layer lets you search for events by location rather than date and time, which is often difficult for drivers to recall. 

You can tag events, make notes, and restrict content to specific users. That way, only people who need to see video clips are seeing them – a big plus for privacy and sensitive situations. 

Natalie of Frews Transport in New Zealand’s South Island said “When you see the clip, it pops up in the replay screen with a lot of good event information, like driver location, speed and the ability to add your own notes as well. Giving you everything thing you need in one place”

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The right solution for your fleet

Whatever the size or shape of your fleet, dashcams are an essential tool in your health and safety compliance toolkit. And while all dashcams are capable of recording video footage – vital in the case of an accident to exonerate a driver – this is just one part of the equation. From real time tracking, to capturing driver behaviour data, the new generation of dashcams do much more than just provide video footage. So what’s the best option for your business?

Light vehicles and EVs

The EROAD Clarity Solo dashcam is designed for light vehicles or EVs, including those that are part of a mixed fleet, so your entire fleet can reap the benefits of video telematics.

Until now, EROAD hasn’t had a solution that incorporates in-vehicle telematics with high-resolution video – without also having a RUC product. For that reason, many fleets that run full video telematics in their heavy trucks don’t have telematics (or video) in their vans, utes, and cars. This obviously presents a problem, as light vehicles still get in accidents. 

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Heavy and Diesel vehicles

If you run diesel vehicles, you’ll benefit most from a telematics device that enables automatic road user charge (RUC) administration, RUC reimbursement for off-road usage, and the ability to capture high-resolution video showing the current speed. The good news is that EROAD’s Clarity Connected offers all of the above, with our Ehubo 2 and our high-powered dual-facing EROAD Clarity dashcam.

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Full fleet safety

Safety conscious fleet managers know that a culture of safe driving extends to all vehicles in the fleet – light or heavy. And when it comes to coaching employees on safe driving behaviours, it pays to have all the information at hand. When you consider the time and cost savings from speedy driver exoneration, reduced incident frequency, lower repair and insurance costs, and increased fleet utilisation, it quickly becomes clear why an integrated camera solution is the obvious choice. 

Having the dashcam footage made things simpler for Frews Transport when their driver was rear ended. “We’ve had incidents and accidents before, but we’ve not always had the footage. The EROAD Clarity Dashcam made it easier to see from the driver’s perspective, and quickly”.

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Consistency today and tomorrow

When you buy an EROAD product, you get all the support and development of a world-class product team. We’re always innovating and developing new offerings while improving existing ones. EROAD Clarity Solo, released just six months after Clarity Connected, is proof of our ongoing commitment to listening to our customers and creating products and services that best match their needs. 

EROAD integrated video telematics can transform your fleet operations and health and safety. It’s a big-league solution that even smaller businesses can afford – and cost-effective for every vehicle in your fleet. To learn more, Request a demo.

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