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EROAD Electronic RUC (road user charges) solution allows you to buy your RUC when you need it, online 24/7 – no more paper licences and no vehicle downtime.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve cash flow
    Buy RUC when and where you need it – in minimum increments, if desired.
  • Save time
    Eliminate time and money spent on RUC administration and dispatching paper labels.
  • Always be compliant
    Never run out of RUC or have to take vehicles off the road to avoid non-compliance. With AutoRUC, you can stay topped up effortlessly and avoid needless penalties.
  • Easily calculate off-road rebates
    Claim the maximum off-road RUC rebate you’re entitled to. Supported by a sophisticated geofencing tool, EROAD’s highly accurate GPS tracks and records off-road travel anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Pay only what you have to
    Our NZ Transport Agency-approved platform safely ensures you don’t overpay. You’ll also enjoy full visibility around RUC status and purchases for your entire fleet.

    Don’t waste any more time using an outdated paper-based system. There’s a better way – the EROAD way.

Go electronic and never run out of RUC

Road User Charges (RUC) compliance relies on maintaining accurate records and staying on top of your renewals. EROAD’s electronic RUC solution revolutionises the way you manage and pay road user charges. Buy RUC online whenever you need it, 24/7 – no more paper licences and no vehicle downtime.

Your electronic RUC licence is instantly displayed on the Ehubo, our in-vehicle device. No more time-consuming admin or trips to the post office – and no more fines for an overrun RUC licence! And EROAD automatically updates the system whenever NZ Transport Agency charges change. EROAD is an NZTA-approved Industry Agent.

Even better, you can automatically purchase the legal minimum distance licence, keeping more cash flow in your business rather than sitting on your dashboard.

Our NZTA-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system allows you to maintain your RUC compliance in two different ways:

  • AutoRUC: automatically top up your RUC as you go
  • Electronic RUC: pay online at the touch of a button

But RUC isn’t all EROAD can do for your fleet – far from it. A host of solutions can help your business be more productive and compliant, including GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management software, electronic logbook and an integrated dashcam. Find out how EROAD’s telematic solutions can benefit your business and optimise your fleet’s efficiency.

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"We’ve been with EROAD since the early days and find with the ease of off-road recovery the system pays for itself – it’s so much easier, manageable and more cost efficient to buy it this way."

Ian Emmerson,
Managing Director, Emmerson Transport

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  • EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy, and also captures location, route and operational data
  • EROAD in-vehicle devices record, store and continuously transmit encrypted data to web-based application MyEROAD, where users access information and services online
  • The RUC module displays and reports distance and location travelled by vehicles, displays RUC status of each vehicle, calculates off-road claims and generates supporting records
  • RUC reports are automatically generated ready for export
  • AutoRUC enables automatic RUC purchase when licence nears expiry
  • EROAD is a NZ Transport Agency-approved Industry Agent

Everyday Ease with Ehubo

  • Measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy, also capturing location, route, and operational data
  • Records, stores, and continuously transmits encrypted data to MyEROAD, our web-based platform where users access information and services
  • Displays the RUC status of each vehicle, reports distance and location travelled, calculates off-road claims, and generates supporting records
  • Automatically generates RUC reports ready for export
  • Can automatically purchase RUC when your licence nears expiry

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