EROAD’s 2023 highlights, and what to expect in 2024

EROAD’s 2023 highlights, and what to expect in 2024


At EROAD, we’re committed to our purpose of delivering intelligence our customers can trust, for a better world tomorrow.

During 2023, EROAD connected units grew to 242,884 globally, and we were pleased to welcome or renew contracts with many industry leaders across Australia and New Zealand, including Boral, Woolworths, Hato Hone St John, Tranzit Group, Programmed, Kinetic NZ and Fonterra.

We’ve been focused on getting the basics right for our customers, enhancing user experience and delivering even more value through new products, features and services. As we look to the year ahead, our product roadmap is sure to provide even more reasons to continue to choose EROAD as your fleet management partner.

2023 Highlights

  • Globally, EROAD connected units grew to 242,884
  • Covering an impressive 9,560 million kilometers
  • Machinery and assets logged over 127 million run-time hours
  • More than 5 million road segments were updated globally, to enhance map accuracy.
  • 5,537 hours of video footage reviewed for coaching and incident investigation

Fleet Map is bigger and better than ever

We’ve drawn on hundreds of customer conversations around how you use MyEROAD Fleet Map, and where we could make improvements.

We want MyEROAD Fleet Map to deliver the best user experience out there. It’s where many of our customers spend most of their time, and we’ve delivered hundreds of enhancements this year to make it as responsive and easy-to-use as possible. While many of these are behind the scenes to keep the platform up-to-date and working quickly, like updating more than 5 million road segments globally, here are some of changes you might have seen:

  • New route planning and ETA tool provides multi-stop truck-specific routing, accurate journey times and the ability to route to other vehicles or geofences
  • Animated journey lines make it easier to follow a vehicle’s trip, customers can select anywhere along the journey for more details
  • We now support 100,000 vehicles and assets in Fleet Map
  • Responsive vehicle clustering for ease of use
  • Streamlined and unified icon experience
  • Personalised map settings are now retained, so you see the view you want every time
  • Default zoom level brought users closer to their fleet on opening the map, making it easier and quicker to get to work
  • Added the ability to search by longitude and latitude, especially helpful for rural locations
Interactive demonstration of someone planning a route using MyEROAD route planner tool

Expanded video telematics capability

Our EROAD Clarity dashcam range, and the MyEROAD Replay portal continued to deliver fresh innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the video telematics category.

  • Launched EROAD Clarity Get – a cost-effective pay-as-you-go dashcam for businesses who want the protection of a dashcam in case of an incident, but don’t need to regularly download footage
  • New hyperlapse feature took usability to the next level, enabling customers to download up to 15 minutes of dashcam footage in one high-speed 2-min clip
  • MyEROAD Replay category tags launched to make it easier to filter and find content in future
  • Enabled email notifications when drivers manually trigger safety events
  • Added audible log-in reminder for drivers, and automated log-out when ignition is turned off

Delivering sustainable insights

EROAD has long tracked key data points for businesses to manage fleet efficiency and thereby improve sustainability. Now, we’re leveraging that data, and using it to present fleets with a view of their emissions, insights into their fleet’s sustainability and recommendations to reduce their footprint.

  • Free web-based emissions calculator launched in New Zealand in conjunction with EECA, to help every fleet in NZ understand and begin to manage their emissions. Coming to Australia in 2024
  • MyEROAD Sustainability module turns fleet data into easy-to-understand emissions data, along with key insights and recommendations – available in New Zealand and coming to Australia in 2024
  • +1,100 business decision makers responded to our annual sustainability survey, providing key insights into the challenges and progress on the path to net zero

Making it easier to get help

  • Launched the online customer help portal to make it easy for customers to log requests online 24/7
  • Customer operations have made huge progress in reducing wait times on the phones
Streamlining our installations
  • Gave our installers priority in the phone queue to help speed up the resolution of any issues on install jobs
  • Launched a new app and self-install certification process for customers planning to do their own 4G unit swap outs
  • Auto-provisioning of replacement units has decreased the time it takes for installs to be completed

Improvements to our SaaS add-on products


  • New Booker focused functionality makes it even easier to manage their booking and vehicle
  • New dashboards help fleet admins optimise their fleet – and bench march their EV adoption compared to other organisations
  • Easily manage your tax obligations with our new FBT solution for shared vehicles

What’s coming next – Q1 2024 highlights

In 2024, you can expect to see further enhancements to user experience on our platform, as well as exciting new features for managing fleet safety and productivity. In Q1 2024, we’re working to deliver:

Next gen telematics – EROAD’s latest CoreHub device is the next generation in telematics. The versatile device with CAN bus/EBS and IoT Bluetooth connectivity, will be rolled out in multiple formats in 2024, providing in-cab, RUC, trailer and reefer solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets. The next generation Tubo (CoreHub Trailer) will be available in Q1.

Advanced fleet monitoring through ECM data – the addition of CAN bus data capture via the Ehubo 2.2 will unlock a brand new product suite. EROAD CAN Bus Connect will provide accurate fuel burn reporting and allow customers to set up engine monitoring alerts based on data like engine temperature. With many more features in the works.

Enhanced support for EVs – as fleets transition to EVs, visibility through new features like State of Charge on the Activity Map and History will be essential (for heavy vehicles only in Q1)

Driver fatigue compliance – you’ll be able to access driver logbook data straight from the Fleet Map in Q1, making it easier to maintain compliance with fatigue rules when planning and scheduling jobs.

Expanding sustainability tools – the new Sustainability Module and emissions calculator will be available to customers in Australia in Q1, making it easier for fleets to understand and manage their emissions.

Improved platform security – we’re improving the security of our platform and user data by introducing single-sign-on for MyEROAD.

Incident investigations – new tools and enhancements will make it easier to manage clips in Replay and investigate incidents

As we continue to advance our fleet management solutions, we look forward to an exciting 2024, delivering more value to our customers.

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