Easy, reliable and accurate fleet management technology

EROAD’s driver facing telematics enables fleet managers and drivers to improve safety, streamline business operations and improve profitability for your trucks, utes and assets.



EROAD Collaborates with EECA to launch 2 new sustainability products

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Discover 10 benefits of tracking your company vehicles

Delivering intelligence you can trust, for a better world tomorrow.

At EROAD, we believe you can’t plan where you are going tomorrow, if you don’t know where you are today. The businesses we serve are at the heart of their local economies. They don’t just need data, they need intelligence. Reliable, accurate and real-time insight enabling them to make decisions which move us all forward towards a safer and more sustainable future.


RUC Compliance

Our electronic system takes the stress out of buying and managing RUC. Purchase your RUC licences where and when you need them, through our NZ Transport Agency-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system.


Health & Safety

Creating a safe workplace is a key goal for all of our customers. A commitment to safety best practice means identifying areas of risk in your business, and applying controls to eliminate or minimise them.


Fleet Management

EROAD’s accurate fleet tracking and advanced reporting provide you with the best data available to help you take the guesswork out of business decisions and gain competitive advantage.


Asset Tracking

There’s a lot of money tied up in the assets your business has invested in. As well as protecting that investment from loss, damage and theft, you also want to maximise your return on investment by making sure those assets are being fully utilised.


Video Telematics

Protect your fleet vehicles and drivers with accurate telematics and high definition video footage.


Fleet Sustainability

Save fuel, improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions with help from EROAD fleet sustainability solutions.

What our customers say

“EROAD brought down our overspeed events from approximately 25,000 overspeed events a month to about 1200. And it’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20%.”

Simon Batchelor, Fleet & Procurement Manager, McConnell Dowell

“With the data we’re able to extract through EROAD, we can ensure we’re running at maximum utilisation and that truck loads are as optimal as possible.”

Paul Farnan, National Operations Manager, Refrigafreighters

“With EROAD I am able to view the fleet anywhere in New Zealand at any time, and keep on top of what’s happening.”

Aaron Bonner, General Manager, LongChill Limited

Find your plan

Mix and match depending on your fleet shape, size and needs.

Ehubo2 Heavy and Light

Compliance, fleet management and health & safety solutions for light and heavy fleets

Construction assets
Asset Tracking

Asset tracking and management solutions for your business

Video Telematics
Video Telematics

Telematics solutions combining GPS tracking technology and cloud video