Smart Environmental take driver safety seriously

Smart Environmental take driver safety seriously

EROAD’s real-time feedback, together with our Safe Driving Rewards Program has delivered clear results for Smart Environmental, as their team moved up the rankings in our safe driving program.
Smart Environmental are a waste and recycling company with services across New Zealand. They have over 320 staff, plus owner operators and a fleet of over 350 vehicles and plant equipment.

Top marks for safe driving

In October, Smart were industry leaders* in EROAD’s driver rewards program. The team are incredibly proud of their achievements, which reflects the focus they’ve put on safer driving.

Smart’s National Fleet and Systems Manager, Jonathon Dick said, “to be measured and recognized as one of the safest operations in our industry. It is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud of that.

It has been a full team effort from our front-line operators to the executive team – all have played their part to get this achievement.”

Ongoing commitment to safety

Smart takes health & safety seriously, and their ongoing campaign “Work Smart, Home Safe” keeps safety top of mind, reminding people that working safely is ultimately about going home safely each day.

It’s also why they chose to partner with EROAD.

Jonathon says EROAD has supported Smart to deliver “safer operations, environmental improvements and a fully transparent operation”.


Benefits beyond driver safety

Smart have been using EROAD in their vehicles for over 5 years.

In that time, they’ve seen a real change in driver behaviour overall. They use video SOPs, buddy training and competency assessments together with EROAD reporting and the Safe Driving Rewards Program as part of their ongoing commitment to driver safety and training.

And as Jonathon points out, the benefits go beyond driver safety, “the safer driver programme delivers real tangible results, in the short term it delivered a healthy competition between drivers but over time we have been able to so see the reduction in maintenance cost, reduced fuel burn and emissions and longer lasting brakes.”

Creating a single source of truth

Reliability and safety are paramount in Smart’s operations. Jonathan says they were initially looking for a solution that supported their goal of paperless driver operations, “we were watching the E-Driver Logbook space very closely. As this came online Smart was quick to mobilise this, and the full EROAD Depot functionality. The results were immediately noticeable in our pilot group, therefore we invested into the full enterprise fleet and plant.”

Smart Environmental uses the full EROAD functionality – Inspect, Service, Logbooks and Activity to get full fleet visibility, anywhere, anytime which is critical for managing a fleet of this size. “EROAD has assisted in providing a stable platform that is able to provide real time reporting and monitoring in some of the most remote locations in NZ where most telcos struggle. We utilise the full EROAD Depot functionality, packaging up the full fleet database into a single source of truth”

Congratulations to the team at Smart Environmental for moving the dial on driver safety, and for making our roads safer and more sustainable for everyone!


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*this information is accurate at time of publishing in November 2021. Ranking in the Safe Driving Rewards Program is calculated each month and can vary from month to month.


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