Partnering for the road ahead

Partner with EROAD

When you partner with EROAD you are choosing more than a product or service, you are choosing your technology partner for the future.

We approach our business partnerships in the same way, partnering with best in class organisations to ensure that our customers receive the best and most extensive set of business tools available, now and into the future.

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Safe Driving Rewards

Insurance Excess Waiver Programme
The Safe Driving Rewards Programme helps support transport operators and their drivers to be safer on the roads. If you’re insured with NZI and are an EROAD customer, you can sign up to this programme for free.

Transport operators who demonstrate safe driving behaviour via the driving records captured on their EROAD system could be eligible to have their insurance excess waived if an accident happens.

If your EROAD records show that your drivers are among the top 25% of safe drivers in New Zealand, your company could have its excess waived if a driving accident happens in the following month. Rankings are based on factors including harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding events.

With the EROAD Leaderboard and the Safe Driving Rewards Programme, you can:

  • See how your company’s driving safety compares with others in the industry
  • Monitor and report on your drivers
  • Create awareness about safe driving with your drivers
  • Save your company money during an insurance claim

There is no charge to sign-up and there’s no need to wait for your insurance to renew. Registrations for this programme are open until 31 May 2022 and you may have your excess waived up until 31 May 2023.

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Fuel Discounts

EROAD is thrilled to offer fuel discounts to customers
We continue to looks for ways to add value for our customers, so we are pleased to announce an exciting fuel discount offer.

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Agencies and Associations

New Zealand Truck Association

Integration Partners

CCS Logistics

Fuel Integration Partners

NZ Fuel Cards
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