Keeping events on track for Motorsport Australia

Keeping events on track for Motorsport Australia

The world of Motorsport is packed with moments of high adrenaline, and for Motorsport Australia Championships & Events Manager, Adrian Coppin, sometimes those moments would happen before the cars even touch the track.

With hundreds of motorsport events happening across the country throughout the year, Adrian needs to ensure that everything they need for each event makes it on time. That’s why the team chose to put EROAD’s latest GPS asset tracking device – the ETrack Oyster3 – onto their event assets.

“We often have back-to-back events requiring asset and infrastructure to go from one state to another in a matter of days, with the ETrack Oyster 3, we can easily track them in real time ensuring we will get delivery on time,” says Adrian.

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Moving valuable assets regularly across the country requires precision technology. The ETrack Oyster 3 is a rugged, battery powered GPS tracker that sends location data back to MyEROAD when it detects motion. It can be easily fitted to a range of assets, machinery and vehicles.

Plus with MyEROAD for desktop and mobile, Adrian can easily jump onto his laptop, tablet or phone to see where his assets are, and when they’re likely to arrive.

“We have 4 shipping containers, a trailer and 5 cars and vans all traveling across the country at any one time,” adds Adrian, “it’s saved us a huge amount of time and provides endless peace of mind knowing we have visibility of our assets all the time. Ensuring we have deliveries on time makes sure our events are not delayed.”

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The ETrack Oyster 3 has proven to be the perfect solution for Adrian and the team at Motorsport Australia, balancing ease-of-use, accuracy and affordability “EROAD Oysters are so easy and simple to use, I highly recommend to anyone wanting a cost-effective tracking solution to jump on board with the team at EROAD.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how our range of asset trackers can help you get a better handle on the whereabouts of your equipment or machinery, get in touch with our team on 1800 437 623.

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