How to maximise your off-road RUC (RUCOR) refunds

How to maximise your off-road RUC (RUCOR) refunds

Your RUC compliance is an important part of running your business. Technology, such as EROAD’s RUC Solution, can help maximise your off-road claims and ensure you spend less time on RUC admin by automating the entire RUC process.

Manually keeping track of your fleet’s movements is a difficult, time-consuming task – let alone staying on top of your fleet’s off-road travel and RUCOR (RUC Off-Road) claims at the same time.

Keeping manual log-books can be challenging for drivers and often used in an ad-hoc way. Add to that depots or work areas that are located on or near public roads and you have a complex task.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Thankfully technology, such as EROAD’s RUC solution, can take the pain out of keeping track of your fleet and completing your off-road RUC claims automatically, saving you significant time and money.

How EROAD’S RUC Solution takes care of your RUCOR claims

EROAD’s highly accurate GPS system, which is supported by a sophisticated geofence tool, accurately tracks and records off-road travel anywhere in New Zealand so you can claim the maximum amount of off-road RUC rebates you’re entitled to.

EROAD’s RUCOR solution:

  1. Automatically calculates off-road travel and estimated refunds
  2. Generates RUCOR claim forms
  3. Allows you to electronically submit RUCOR claim forms to NZTA at the touch of a button
  4. Improves cash flow and the frequency of off-road refunds
  5. Archives RUCOR claims to help meet legal compliance
  6. Saves time and money by reducing admin time spent on claims

“As an owner driver I need to save on costs. Since I have had EROAD in my truck I have found that it is amazing how much off-road RUC I have never claimed for. It is so easy to use and cost effective – a very useful tool for my business.”

Rob Renwick
Renwick Haulage

How EROAD’s RUCOR Solution works

As soon as a RUC licence expires, EROAD’s mapping engine automatically determines off-road travel that is not subject to RUC e.g. travel on a private road or within a depot near a public road.

EROAD’s web-based application, MyEROAD, then automatically generates accurate off-road reports and allows you to electronically verify and submit your claims to NZTA, cutting out the paper-work hassles and postage.

Geofencing maximises your off-road RUC (RUCOR) claims

If your company has a depot or operates at customer sites that are located close to public roads, you can also claim valuable off-road RUC dollars for work in these areas.

EROAD’s system geofences these areas to help get you the maximum RUCOR claim you’re entitled to. EROAD’s smart telematics platform allows you to ring-fence special areas/sites and deem them as off-road. This means you can maximise your RUC claim by including all travel in those areas as off-road.

How is off-road distance calculated and claimed?

EROAD automatically captures and calculates your ‘on’ and ‘off-road’ travel using its sophisticated GPS mapping software.

Once your RUC licence expires, you can immediately submit your off-road claim to the NZTA at the touch of a button. EROAD’s system also allows you to review the recorded ‘off-road’ areas prior to making a claim.

EROAD takes care of your entire RUC management process

EROAD’s electronic RUC solution also allows you to automatically top up RUC when you need it, reducing the risk of accidental non-compliance.

Our NZTA-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system means you can automatically top up your RUC compliance (AutoRUC) as you go or at the touch of a button (electronic RUC).

Your RUC is immediately displayed on our in-vehicle EHUBO device. No more admin or special trips to the Post Office!

What’s more, you can automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum amounts so that you can keep more cash running your business – rather than sitting on the windscreen.

Telematics – more than a RUC solution

EROAD’s fleet management solution can also lower your overall costs and enhance the safety, productivity and efficiency of your fleet.


It does this by helping you better allocate resources, schedule maintenance, monitor and coach drivers, optimise routes, reduce turn-around times and plan schedules more accurately. This helps lower costs, such as fuel and labour, at the same time as lifting the bar when it comes to providing a high standard of customer service.


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