How EROAD can enhance your fleet’s productivity with better maintenance scheduling

How EROAD can enhance your fleet’s productivity with better maintenance scheduling

Your fleet vehicles cover hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres of mileage and wear-and-tear each week which can result in unexpected, and expensive, repairs if left unmonitored. Across an entire fleet, these costs can add up fast.

Aggressive driving, harsh braking or cornering and excess idling can also accelerate vehicle maintenance and repair issues.

Running a safe and productive fleet requires a regular service and maintenance routine to ensure problems are quickly detected and addressed, which over time can save your business money.


Because regularly servicing your vehicles can be less costly over time than delaying servicing until a problem arises. Vehicle defects can mean costly vehicle delays and productivity down-time. Taking vehicles off the road for an extended time for repairs also means driver downtime and delayed productivity, which can impact your bottom line.


Telematics can play a critical role in maintaining a healthy, productive fleet by automating the service scheduling and defect identification process to reduce the risk of unexpected repair costs.

EROAD’s highly sophisticated telematics platform provides businesses with a wide range of insights to manage their entire fleet. This includes everything from the safety, efficiency and productivity of vehicles and drivers to helping proactively manage fleet maintenance so small issues don’t become big problems.

EROAD’s smart telematics software provides advanced data to give you the complete picture of your fleet’s performance. It helps identify, and quickly address, unsafe driving behaviors to reduce the long-term impact on your vehicles. Seeing the bigger picture means you can understand more about your fleet, particularly when it comes to scheduling repairs and maintenance.

It also helps stay on top of regulatory requirements and provide proof that your fleet is safe and compliant with key safety legislation.

And it’s not just big fleets that can reap the benefits. Companies of all sizes are using telematics technology to create a safer, more productive and cost efficient fleet.

EROAD helps you proactively stay ahead of the game with a preventive maintenance regime

The health of a company’s vehicles can sometimes be a good indicator of the overall health of a business. Without a proactive approach to fleet maintenance, you risk compromising your driver’s safety, failing compliance and being up for costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime.

Getting the most out of your vehicles requires an ongoing focus on preventative maintenance to save on unnecessary cost and also extending your vehicles/equipment’s operating life.

EROAD’s smart telematics software effectively automates your vehicle maintenance regime by using real time, usage-based data to create predictive maintenance scheduling.

EROAD’s  Service and Maintenance helps you stay on top of maintenance schedules by tracking metrics like time lapsed, mileage, fuel use and engine hours, making it easier to see when a vehicle is due for repairs.

This allows you to then plan your asset utilisation, budget and staffing more efficiently, preventing wastage. This also ensures your vehicles stay in good working order for longer periods of time, boosting your vehicle or equipment’s ROI.

EROAD’s Service module also means you have access to a complete service history archive at the touch of a button for your compliance and insurance needs

EROAD makes regular vehicle inspections easy

EROAD’s Inspect allows you to carry out pre and post-trip vehicle inspections to record any defects that need to be fixed or maintenance to be completed. Not only does it make the process easier for your drivers to complete, and therefore more likely to be done properly, it can also serve as proof of your compliance with health and safety obligations.

You can generate reports which capture the original inspection record, along with its resolution and who actioned each item.

Inspect reports can then be used to provide you with a full audit trail of defects, their resolution and who certified the repair

Customisable defect templates that fit your fleet maintenance regime

EROAD’s fleet management platform, MyEROAD, enables you to create customisable inspection templates that match your vehicles and assets. Once defects are loaded, they appear on the Defect Board, enabling you to view, prioritise and action reported defects.

With EROAD’s fleet management software, you can also reduce idle times as well as improve fuel efficiency. That means you can time and manage costs, including reduced overtime caused by unexpected breakdowns and repairs, while operating your entire fleet more efficiently.

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