Fleet management systems can provide data points for sustainability performance

Fleet management systems can provide data points for sustainability performance

*All figures are taken from the EROAD Sustainability Survey, conducted in September 2022

Having the right technology that can deliver fast, reliable data and reporting across a number of metrics is vital for businesses both now and in the future – not only for sustainability reporting but also for the 70%* of businesses investing in operational efficiency in the next 2 years.

Without vehicle tracking data, it can be a guessing game figuring out where your fleet is underperforming. Almost half* of all fleets in our 2022 sustainability survey said they plan to invest in improving/integrating technologies and systems as a priority in the next 2 years.

Demonstrate your fleet efficiency to customers

As well as providing insights into fleet efficiencies, your fleet data and reporting could also be of interest to your customers on the lookout for “green” credentials.

3 out of 5* businesses said they consider sustainability performance in their own vendor selection processes, and 3 in 5 are also being asked to provide this when they bid for their customers’ business too.

Since building enduring customer relationships is the #1 priority* for businesses surveyed, businesses need to make sure they have the data to meet this building demand for sustainability performance.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure

25%* of businesses are challenged by data availability when it comes to setting, measuring and achieving sustainability goals and 16%* are unable to link goals to ROI.

While telematics can’t provide all the data businesses will need, asset and vehicle tracking could help businesses overcome some of these challenges – both now and in the future.

Data and reporting tools available through EROAD’s fleet management software include:

Download the 2022 Road to Sustainability Report for more insights.

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