Driver Safety

Driver Safety

The best just got better

Safety improves productivity. Productivity improves profitability. And EROAD makes it all happen. Already the leader in health and safety compliance, EROAD introduces the next step forward for your drivers and your fleet.

Built to encourage better drivers and protect your business, it includes a range of new features: Posted Speed, Driver Login Monitor and Fleet Utilisation Dashboard.

Better, safer driving

As Fleet & Procurement Manager, Simon Batchelor looks after the light vehicle fleet at McConnell Dowell Constructors. “EROAD’s improved safety in a major way because our drivers are now aware of over speed events so they’ve all slowed down.”

Watch the video to find out how EROAD has improved safety at McConnell Dowell.

Better driver feedback

EROAD Posted Speed delivers real-time driver coaching in all speed zones – empowering drivers to make better driving choices based on road network data

  • Real-time speed data Provides drivers with the real-time road network speed data they need to make better driving decisions.
  • Better in-cab tools Gives drivers the ability to self-coach, reducing the need for continual monitoring of driver behaviour.
  • Saves money Safe driving delivers savings from improved fuel efficiency, reduced repairs and maintenance, ACC levies and insurance costs.
  • Safety first Equipping drivers with the best in-cab technology puts safety first and helps your company meet its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

EROAD helps empower drivers to coach themselves


Green is good
Your displayed speed will show green as long as you’re within the posted speed limit.


Amber is a reminder
Exceed the posted speed limit, and your display turns amber…


Red is a warning
…when the display turns red, that’s immediate feedback that helps keep drivers safe and your business moving forward.

Better driver support

With EROAD’s Driver ID, drivers log in when they get behind the wheel, so the office knows who is where, when and how they’re doing. 

  • Driving issues can be easily addressed, reducing the time office staff has to spend on driver safety. Increased accountability results in measurable behaviour change, and a safer operation.
  • Driver Login monitor reports on driver login time, providing a quick view of fleet and driver adherence to your driver login policy

Optimise profitability across your fleet

With EROAD Fleet Utilisation Dashboard you’ll be able to easily identify opportunities to balance the workload across your fleet, and gain insights into how and where to optimise your fleet size and make-up.

  • Right-size your fleet Make informed decisions about when to divest, expand or redeploy vehicles and assets to improve profitability.
  • Improve cost-to-revenue ratio Measure distance travelled over time to support fleet optimisation and ensure only the necessary miles are travelled to deliver your business’s goods or services.
  • Maximise asset utilisation Compare engine running hours with auxiliary equipment usage to ensure you’re making the most of your assets.

The Power of Accountability

A new wave of safety technologies is helping drivers make smarter and safer decisions about how they drive on the road.

At EROAD we wanted to find out how technology could help make your drivers safer, and reduce on-road risk. We recently undertook a study and found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.

EROAD Senior Product Manager Rebecca Kemp looks at the in-cab tools which make a difference, and how leadership teams can utilise driver behaviour analytics to promote a culture of “safety first”.