Tubo – Heavy Trailers

Tubo – Heavy Trailers

EROAD’s Tubo is an electronic distance recorder for heavy trailers, which captures distance, location, route and a variety of additional operational data from the vehicle. The Tubo is installed on the trailer, housed in a purpose-built, highly ruggedised, waterproof enclosure. It records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network to EROAD’s web-based application, MyEROAD.

The Tubo measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy, using a combination of internal and external sensors including the trailer’s speed pulse, GPS satellites and accelerometers.

The Tubo replaces traditional mechanical hubodometers, which are often inaccurate, and are prone to tampering, fraud and damage.

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Features and Specifications
  • Accurately records distance within ±0.5%
  • NZ Transport Agency approved
  • Seven-year design life and meets highest automotive standards
  • LCD screen to display the unique serial number, distance recorded in kilometres, and operating status
  • LCD screen to display electronic RUC licence
  • LEDs to indicate power status and tamper/fault events
  • Secure tamper-proof enclosure and hardware design
  • Modem to communicate data via the cellular network
  • Ability to operate in harsh transport environment in wide temperature band of -40°C to +60°C.
  • Strong glass-reinforced nylon construction is waterproof, and resistant to chemical and UV exposure
  • Clear front cover to protect the electronic display from stone or chemical damage
  • Hinged cover to keep electronic display clean
  • 12V 5AH battery with smart charger mounted in separate enclosure so it can communicate its position to MyEROAD application when trailer is not connected to power


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